wwe raw logoTriple H will return tonight to try and restore Authority. How will he react to the tension between Kane and Seth Rollins? How will Roman Reigns respond to being booked for a Last Man Standing match at Extreme Rules against Big Show? With Paige injured and out of competition for the foreseeable future due to a sneak attack last week from Naomi, is Paige’s title shot in jeopardy? And will Naomi suffer repercussions? And don’t forget Miz and Damien Mizdow will compete for the “Miz” brand ownership. All this and more on tonight on Raw.

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* Randy Orton opens the show inside a steel cage, which is the stipulation he invoked for his upcoming Extreme Rules match against Seth Rollins. Rollins’s stipulation is that Orton can’t use his RKO finisher during the match. Rollins comes out and they exchange words. Orton then says he’s going to RKO Rollins before the night is over since he can’t use it at Extreme Rules.

* Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper — The fight is called after Ambrose and Harper take it out of the ring and into the crowd. Harper finds his escape after throwing Ambrose off the walkout stage.

* Rollins bumps into HHH backstage. HHH says Rollins looks like he’s worried there’s an RKO around every corner. Rollins asks HHH what he’s going to do about Kane and Orton and says he could use some more security. HHH responds, “It’s just one guy” and walks off.

* Lucha Dragons vs. New Day (winner to face Tag Team Champs Tyson Kidd and Cesaro at Extreme Rules) — With the help of Xavier Woods, Kofi and Big E win via count out. Randy Orton comes out of nowhere and RKO’s Woods and Kingston. Big E wants no part of it and chooses to make his exit, leaving his teammates laying in the ring.

* Curtis Axel vs. Fandango — Fandango finishes Axel with a Last Dance (leg drop) off the top rope.

* HHH takes to the ring to promote the new season of Tough Enough. Kane then comes out to join HHH in ring and announces his resignation as Director of Operations. He puts in his 2 week notice saying he can not support the likes of Seth Rollins. Rollins then comes out and he and Kane exchange words, Kane saying they made him. HHH says Kane has been more loyal to the Authority than anyone and says he will be the guardian of the gate at Extreme Rules for Rollins vs. Orton. Kane offers his hand to Rollins but Rollins walks off with J&J. We see another confrontation backstage and HHH tells Rollins he’ll face the man he was supposed to face last week, Dolph Ziggler.

* Naomi vs. Brie Bella — Naomi finishes Brie with a Rear View. Nikki is ringside with guest commentary. She said she’d be open to fighting Naomi for the title.

* Heath Slater gets RKO’d backstage.

* Roman Reigns with a Superman Punch and Spear on Bo Dallas. Reigns with a promo for his upcoming Last Man Standing match with Big Show.

* Sheamus vs. Zack Ryder — Ziggler intervenes before Sheamus can finish Ryder with a Brogue Kick and smashes him with a Zig Zag. Sheamus declared winner because of the interference.

* John Cena with a promo for his upcoming Russian Chain Match with Rusev. Kane accepts Cena’s U.S. Title open challenge — Cena looks shocked and worried. After nearly getting beat Cena finishes Kane with an AA.

* Rusev attacks Cena with a chain during a backstage interview.

* Miz vs. Mizdow (winner granted ownership of the Miz brand) — Summer Rae, ringside, turns on Mizdow and interferes in the match and it allows Miz to finish Mizdow with a Skullcrushing Finale. Miz gets RKO’d by Orton after the match.

* Bray Wyatt with another cryptic message to an upcoming opponent yet to be revealed.

* Ryback vs. Adam Rose — Ryback finishes Rose with a shellshock. Ryback then shellshocks a hotdog and a banana together at once (part of the Rose family). Impressive.

* Dolph Ziggler vs. Seth Rollins — Rollins finishes Ziggler after Sheamus distracts him. The steel cage is lowered to protect Rollins from Kane but Orton appears in cage and RKO’s Rollins.


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