Stiverne-Wilder Heavyweight action tonight in Las Vegas when champ Bermane Stiverne defends his WBO world title against rising star Deontay Wilder. The event will air live on Showtime starting at 10 p.m. ET. The challenger comes in with a highly impressive undefeated record. Deontay Wilder is a winner in all 32 professional outings. He also holds 32 knockouts. Wilder won a Bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Despite his success many have questioned the skill because they felt he had not been tested by tough opponents. His fight tonight will easily be the toughest of the 29 year old’s career. The champ will be making his first title defense since defeating Chris Arreola back in May of 2014. Stiverne is the first boxing champ to come out of Hati.

Stay close to for live round by round results.

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Undercard Results

    • Slava Shabranskyy def. Garrett Wilson. Doctor Stoppage after 9 Rounds


          • Eric Molina def. Raphael Zumbano by TKO, Rd. 8


          • Amir Imam def. Fidel Maldonado Jr by TKO,  2:59 Rd. 5


  •  Leo Santa Cruz def. Jesus Ruiz by TKO, 00:29 Round 8

Deontay Wilder (32-0, 32 KOs) vs. Bermane Stiverne (24-1-1, 21 KOs)

Round 1: Wilder throws first. He trys his left hand early but seems to be just checking distance. Left hand to the chest from the champ Stiverne. Stiverne jabs to the body. Right hand over the top by Wilder. Lots of feeling out early. Wilder connects with a combo. Left hook from Stiverne. Wilder gets busy as the round ends. Gotta go 10-9 Wilder .

Round 2: Nice jab from Wilder. Wilder looks calm and is picking his shots. Stiverne has been a bit more loose with his shots. Uppercut from Wilder. Left hand looking good so far from the challenger. They trade right hands. Left hook connects from Wilder. Stiverne with a left hook. Right hook from Wilder. Another flurry from Wilder at the end. Both guys drop. Wow.

Round 3:Another Jab to start the action from Wilder. Stiverne a little slow to get out of the corner. Wilder jabbing again. Jab off the mark from Stiverne. Wilder is picking his jabs and landing. Body shots from Stiverne. Wilder staying on that jab. 30-27 after 3 for the challenger.

Round 4: Wilder looking solid early. Left hand from Wilder lands. Stiverne counters. Left hook from Stiverne followed by a shot to the body. Right hand by Stiverne. Another right for Stiverne. Body shot from Wilder. Solid right hand from Stiverne. Stiverne finishes strong and takes the round. 39-37 Wilder.

Round 5: Wilder back to the jab to lead things off. Stiverne goes to the body. Some chatter back and forth between the two. Stiverne lands a right hand. Jab from Wilder. Stiverne slips a couple jabs. Combo to the body by the champ. Wilder starts to unload on Stiverne. Right hand from the champ. Wilder takes the first round 5 of his career. 49-46 Wilder.

Round 6: Stiverne going to the body and shocking, a jab from Wilder. Left hook from Stiverne. Is cardio gonna play into these later rounds? Left hook from Stiverne. Left hook followed up by a stiff right from Stiverne. Body shot from the champ. Swing and a miss from Stiverne. Stiverne turning it up. Right hand lands. First time I’ve seen them clinch. Round ends and the champ takes it. 58-56  Wilder.

Round 7: Jab coming from Wilder. Right hand from the champ. Left hook from Stiverne. Right hand follows that up. Wilder connects with a right hand and Stiverne is rocked. Stiverne against the ropes, Wilder backs up and lands a right hand. Left hook from Wilder. Stiverne slips. Wilder smiling as the round closes. Wilder claims it. 68-65 Wilder

Round 8: Pace slows way down. Trading jabs early. These left hands from Wilder are adding up. Body shot from Stiverne. A solid combination lands from the champ. Right cross connects from Wilder. Stiverne to the body and then lands an uppercut. The champ takes it. 77-75 after 8.

Round 9: Stiverne to the body. Left hand from Wilder. Uppercut off the mark for Wilder. Body shot lands from Wilder. Soft left from the champ. Jab from Wilder. Left from Stiverne. Solid combo from Wilder with Stiverne on the ropes. Jab to the body from the challenger. Wilder dances to his corner with another round to his name. 87-84 Wilder.

Round 10: Wilder can always count on the left hand to connect. He starts the round off once again with it. Wilder throwing with volume. Stiverne puts Wilder on the ropes. Left hook from Wilder. Wilder is playing with Stiverne landing several left hands as he bobs around. Right hand to the body from the champ. Uppercut from the challenger. The champ goes to the body and follows it up with an uppercut. Close round. I’ll go with Wilder. 97-93. Wilder pulling away.

Round 11: Body shot from Stiverne. Body shots aren’t gonna win this fight though. He needs a finish. Wilder connects with a good jab. Left hand from Stiverne. Snapping right hand from Wilder. Crowd seems to be getting restless. Stiverne goes back to the body and lands a right. Wilder is just throwing punches for the fun of it, nothing behind them. He takes the round though. 107-102.  One more to go.

Round 12:The champ opens with a left. Wilder obliges with one of his own. Body shot lands from Stiverne. Wilder just keeping on the move. Stiverne is worn out. Wilder has Stiverne against the ropes but its slow going. Stiverne gets a right hand off. Wilder does his job and keeps it grinding and finishes with a jab. I believe we have a new champ. 117-111.

Official Decision: Deontay Wilder def. Bermane Stiverne by Unanimous Decision (118-109, 119-108, 120-107)

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