Cutman David Maldonado prepping MMA fighter Luke Sanders
Cutman David Maldonado prepping MMA fighter Luke Sanders

Happy New Year everybody! The end of 2014 has come with transition as I have moved to a new corner of the country through this spring. I cannot be complaining as weather here is commonly in the 60’s-70’s and I’m wearing shorts as I write.

It has been a pleasure to meet new people, help new organizations and area gyms with my skills. It continues to amaze me how many good people are out there, humble, grateful, generous, and well intended people. Those interactions are what keep me going in MMA as it certainly isn’t a lucrative industry. I took a step back in my activity but was still able to be a part of three of the top 10 promotions in the world.

Recent headlines show that there are still those trying to take shortcuts to be seen as successful but I think we can expect that to exist somewhere as that is human nature. Thankfully I have seen that in some fashion, it isn’t tolerated or accepted. A person trying to be seen as a cutman by stealing promotion photos and posting other people’s efforts as his own, a black belt claim by someone unworthy, drug use by competitors, it’s shameful that those examples still occur. But the negatives will never let the positive efforts by most be overshadowed.

Amateur competition will take a greater step with international events which is exciting for everybody. Competition amongst promotions continues to grow which can only benefit MMA and the fighters.

Expectations for fighters never cease, I continue to demand more from what is defined as a cutman, and fans hopefully will continue to come out and demand more from all of us.

Thank you to all the promotions that let me be part of their success and thank you to Throat Punch Ind and Damage Control Mouthguards, two companies that I have been happy to represent as they help me be present in MMA.

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