Here’s a copy of the class action lawsuit Cung Le and other fighters have filed against the UFC

Cung Le, Nathan Quarry and Jon Fitch are among the plaintiffs named in a class action antitrust lawsuit against the UFC. Their agenda was laid out in a press conference held Tuesday in San Jose, Calif. In short, the suit claims the UFC has created a monopoly of the market and fighters aren’t paid what they deserve for fighting in the Octagon, nor are they able to earn a decent living outside the organization. A full copy of the complaint can be seen in the PDF below.

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While this full copy of the lawsuit has just been made available to the public, we’re still digesting it (it is 63 pages after all). We’ll try to get our PMN resident attorney on it ASAP to break it all down for you.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the lawsuit. Do the fighters have a case? How do  you see all this playing out?

File courtesy: Cohen Milstein