Whatever happened to Ms. Jackson if ya’ nasty? Now it’s just if ya nasty…

Janet Jackson has slowly been transforming from a hot African American woman in to your aging, crazy grandmother. See? Hot African American woman below, and one I wanted to marry as soon as I saw the video for “Control”.


Lately her appearance has er, changed so to speak. She has gone from hot to not in what can only be described as the biggest disappointment since my kids found out The Rock was the tooth fairy and started hiding the fact that they lost teeth at at all.

We all saw the transformation that Michael Jackson went through. He went from what an MTV VJ infamously once described as something like “An African American superstar to a White American icon”. Bet you he wishes he could take those words back after he was reprimanded because back then racism didn’t have the awareness it did today so being scolded was the worst that could happen.

What does tat have to do with Janet? Nothing! It is a distraction for me and delayed me stating that she now looks like Star Jones and Beyonce combined DNA and this was what came out. She looks nothing like the Janet of old, and well hey that’s okay because she has earned it. She was the biggest female innovator of the 1980’s music scene in terms of going from sideshow to center stage art pieces. Take a look at the picture of her recent outing and tell us she doesn’t look different than what you thought she would at this age. Go on, we dare you.

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