4dn Cycle 4

Fat burners are often advertised as the quick way to burn away fat and supply a thermogenic response to the body. A  good fat burner will help with this with few side effects. We were lucky enough to get our hands on some 4 Dimension Nutrition Cycle 4 to test and see if it is worth the purchase or if you should pass on it.

We used Cycle 4 more as a pre-workout supplement than just simply a fat burner. The ingredients are pretty simple and lend themselves well to the pre-workout market. To start things off you get a solid amount of caffeine. At 125mg it is not an excessive amount and is very manageable for most people. It is helped by Rasberry Ketone, an ingredient that is designed to help burn away fat. The top two ingredients are a staple in most products of this kind. Here is a look at the entire list of what goes into Cycle 4.

Cycle 4 ingredients

The problem with some fat burners, at least our case, is the awful feeling you get in your stomach after taking them. You know, a weird burning feeling that is often not worth the benefit of the product. That wasn’t the case with Cycle 4. You could take it with a meal and be totally fine.

Cycle 4 gave the desired result. It wasn’t too overwhelming but it did give you an extra boost before you stepped in the gym. We shared with mixed martial artist Gina Begley and she could feel an added boost of energy during her cardio workout.

Fat burners aren’t for everyone and they are not a quick fix to dropping a ton of weight. Cycle 4 is a product that you can use as a pre-workout and be satisfied that it is doing it’s job. The added appetite suppressant was great. At about $20 this would be a good purchase for anyone seeking out a fat burner or pre-workout.

For more information and a look at their other products check out 4DN’s website at http://www.4dnusa.com and for more information on Cycle 4 you can click here

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