‘Mayhem’ Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 LIVE results and play by play

Mayehm The rematch is upon us! Floyd Mayweather Jr. is back in action tonight against Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas. Some say Maidana pushed Mayweather harder than any other fighter in the history of his career. They will meet again tonight. Mayweather (46-0) is putting his WBC and WBA welterweight (147 pound) titles on the line as well as the WBC junior middleweight title against the 35-4 Maidana.  Before the main event we will be treated to three undercard bouts featuring a lightweight championship as well as a super bantamweight title fight. We will bring the under card results and a live round by round blog of the main event.


  • James De La Rosa def. Alfredo Angulo by unanimous decision (98-90, 96-92, 99-89)

  • Mickey Bey def. Miguel Vazquez by split decision (119-109, 115-113, 113-115)
  • Leo Santa Cruz def. Manuel Roman by TKO (Strike) at 00:55 Rd 2






Floyd Mayweather Jr. (46-0) vs. Marcos Maidana (35-4)

Round 1: Here we go. Both men going to the body early. Feeling each other out. Floyd sticks out the left hand. Goes in for the body. Nothing really landing for either. Jab from Mayweather. Right hand from Maidana. Floyd slips? Back at it. Floyd jabs. Maidana puts Mayweather in the ropes. Three minutes in. Floyd 10-9.

Round 2: Mayweather staying on the outside. Throws a left hand. Maidana answers. Mayweather against the ropes. Left hand from Maidana. Left hand to the body from Floyd. Left hand from Mayweather. Mayweather ties it up. Maidana gets a couple shots off. Floyd to the body. Mayweather out of reach for Maidana. Right hand counter punch from Mayweather. Mayweather gets another right hand to land. Maidana can’t buy a punch. Right hand over the top from Floyd.  Floyd takes round 2.

Round 3: Mayweather dances on the outside again to start the round. Maidana off the mark with a couple right hands. Floyd ties his up to stop the attack. Mayweather with a left hand to counter Maidana. Maidana with a right hand to the chest of Mayweather. Nice punch from Mayweather. Mayweather going to the body. Floyd with a stiff left hand. Clean right hand from Floyd. Ref tells them to work out of the tie up. Left hand bounces Maidana’s head back. Jab from Maidana. Maidana lands a big shot at the bell. Floyd takes this one though. 30-27 after 3.

Round 4: Floyd circles around the ring. Maidana lands a nice combo. Floyd ties it up. Maidana to the body. Maidana finally starting to land shome shots. Floyd smiling with his back against the ropes. Maidana throws looping right hand. Body shot and left hook lands from Maidana. Straight left from Maidana. Floyd taking damage against the ropes. Maidana to the body. Right hand from Mayweather but Maidana moves forward. Jab from Maidana. Right hand to the dome from Maidana. Floyd goes to the body. Maidana makes a statement and wins this round. 39-38 Mayweather.

Round 5: Mayweather trying to hold shop in the middle of the ring. Maidana throwing his left hand into the wind. Body shot by Floyd. Jab from Maidana. Maidana not as accurate this round at all. Good combo from Maidana. Maidana to the body. Floyd whiffs a left hand. Right hand from Maidana. Floyd against the ropes. Floyd takes the fifth. 49-47.

Round 6: They trade body shots to start. Jab from Mayweather. Left hand off the mark from Floyd. Mayweather back to dancing around the ring. Boo birds coming out from the restless crowd. Left hook from Mayweather. Good left from Maidana. Uppercut from Floyd. Floyd backing away from Maidana. Mayweather ducking under punches. Right hand from Mayweather off the ropes. Mayweather lighting Maidana up. Maidana not having it and answers. Right hand from Maidana at the end of the round but not enough to steal it. 59-56 Mayweather.

Round 7: Maidana starts the action going to the body. Big right hand off the mark from Maidana and Floyd answers with a jab. Left hand connects from Mayweather. Floyd to the body. Maidana swinging wildly but can’t find Mayweather. Maidana throwing more punches by volume but nothing is landing. Maidana eats a shot from Floyd. Body shot lands from Mayweather. Floyd misses his mark with a right hand. Mayweather cruising, 69-65.

Round 8: Maidana seems frustrated to start the round. A couple of tie ups. Floyd against the ropes and is getting the best of Maidana. Overhand right off the mark from Maidana. Mayweather takes one to the ribs. Maidana hugging alot this round. Right hand from Maidana. Maywather peppers Maidana from the corner. Right hand from Maidana. Best punch of the round so far. Uppercut from Mayweather. What the hell? Did Maidana bite Mayweather. Referee says he doesn’t see it. After some confusion we are back to the action. Not much happens as the round ends. .  


Round 9: Bouncing around, Mayweather dodging some shots. Mayweather finds himself against the ropes but they are tied up and pulled apart. Left hand grazes Mayweather. Where’s the flute player from the national anthem when you need something to talk about. Floyd warned about throwing elbows. Left hand off the mark from Maidana. Referee has earned his check tonight, breaking them up every 10 seconds it seems. Floyd against the ropes and comes out with a big jab. Damn, they are hugging it out big time. Big left hook from Floyd as the round ends. Maidana goes to the wrong corner. Mayweather takes it. 88-84 with a couple to go.

Round 10:  Referee tells Floyd to keep it clean. Maidana trying to come out strong but Floyd dancing around. Floyd looks like he has more energy. Oh no, Floyd gets knocked to the ground. Referee stops the action and takes a point from Maidana. It’s getting out of Maidana’s reach at this point. Floyd takes the round.

Bull rush. Props to the man himself @ZProphet_MMA

Round 11: Maidana is in make or break territory. Speaking of break, they are tying up every few seconds. Low blow from Floyd. Stall in the action. I think the crowd and everyone is losing interest. I find myself watching the fight more and typing less.

Round 12: Jimmy Lennon Jr. getting the crowd hyped. Referee tells them to keep it clean and good luck. Remember when Floyd said he got bitten? That seemed like yesterday. Crowd booing. Floyd not trying to get anything going. He’s cruising. Reminds me of the episode of The Simpsons when Homer becomes a pro boxer. I think Maidana won the round but is gonna lose big!

Boom! Thanks @ZProphet_MMA

Official Decision: Floyd Mayweather def. Marcos Maidana by Unanimous Decision (115-112, 116-111 x2)



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