WTF: Full Contact Skydiving

Just when we thought we’d seen it all comes Full Contact Skydiving (FCS). Apparently this is a real organization that UFC fighter Urijah Faber is involved with — although we don’t see him jumping out of any planes yet.

According to their website, “FCS is a unique, sky-based self-defense art that teaches practitioners to engage in free-fall combat with minimal overexertion through a higher understanding of physics, balance manipulation, and gravity’s effect on the human anatomy.”

I mean, I guess… Not sure exactly what the point is. It’s part of the rules that you can’t mess with your opponent’s parachute. And because of the helmets you can’t really KO anyone. Who wants to do an armbar at 6,000 feet?

I suppose there’s a real-world application for soldiers if you were to skydive into enemy territory with enemy skydivers jumping at the same time… but that seems a pretty improbable scenario… and in that case, isn’t that what guns are for?

Anyways, here it is. Full Contact Skydiving. Whaddaya think?