alexis davis

A split decision? Not sure what that was about but watching Alexis Davis and Jessica Eye was a good chance for fans to be introduced to who could be the next challenger in line following UFC 170’s maine event.

The first round was back and forth as Eye looked to get comfortable on the feet. She was getting the better of some short exchanges but Davis look comfortable as she patiently waited for an opening. Not much damage came from the assault of Eye and Davis got the fight to the mat. The rounded ended and a casual observer such as myself saw it going to Davis out of pure control.

The second round was all Davis as she spend most of the round on top of Eye. Eye was stuck on the bottom and took some damage in the form of punches and elbows. She seemed uncomfortable but again didn’t take alot of damage. It could have easily been a 10-8 round.

The third round was all Eye. Davis decided to engage on the feet and Eye obliged by being able to move quickly, landing shots. She avoided a takedown attempt and looked very sharp. No doubt that Eye won the third round.

The deciding round I would imagine was the first and two of the three judges saw it in favor of Alexis Davis. Davis picked up her third straight UFC win and should be at the top of the list as far as contenders go. Eye remains winless in her first two outings but had to deal with the whole pot issue and a much more serious situation with her father.

Get the full play by play here.

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