Ronda Rousey finishes Sara McMann in the first round

ronda rousey-ufc170-weigh in

Olympian versus Olympian with a championship belt on the line. Someone’s “0” has to go tonight in the main event and this is what the people have tuned in for. Can Rousey remain dominant or can McMann shock the world. The bell rings and we will find out in less than 30 minutes.

They come out swinging and McMann gets the best of the exchange. They clinch up with McMann against the cage. Ronda comes hard with knees to the body. The first round is starting fast and then and knee to the body drops McMann. Herb Dean steps in and the fight is over kids.

Rousey claims her first knockout of her career. McMann  gets her first loss. McMann was trying to get back up and some were calling early stoppage but it appeared clean.

In her chat with Joe Rogan, the champ says after watching video her camp saw that no one had tested McMann to the body. That appeared to be the weakness as McMann dropped.

Did you expect that?