The sport is growing and it has been discussed before how more people think they want to be fighters and find success and fame. I’m seeing the same growing desire from people wanting to be involved in MMA as cutmen.

I’m now getting regular inquiries from people asking how they can become involved in the industry in such a role. Seeking out advise, online classes, seminars that I might be offering, and chances to shadow me. I agree that the sport and its fighters need more properly qualified cutmen to support the needs that exist. However I am not hearing true dedication by those seeking such opportunities, instead they are just looking for some quick feedback and the chance to get involved immediately. When they hear from me that a formal degree in sports medicine is the best path, silence suddenly is the response. It’s the equivalent of the late night commercials promising the chance to work in the medical field with just 6 months of classes at their online college. That’s not raising the level of quality in the industry, it’s simply shortcut attempts to try and be near fighters and get some TV time.

I continue to stand upon the belief that the industry deserves and should demand more, even if they haven’t yet seen the quality they should expect. I’ve had to cover my eyes many times over in the past month watching prominent promotions on TV put friends and other undeserving persons in the cutman role with fighters having to pay the price. It is unregulated with no standard for performance or objective criteria for evaluation. Sad considering how important a role they can play.

My mission is to elevate the demands and expectations made upon cutmen, and I’m fully willing to be the first to be evaluated and scrutinized. I’m honored to have other countries calling upon me to educate their people. It is refreshing to know that there are a few out there that know a high level of skill is capable and in demand. Fighters are working hard to improve and don’t cut corners, my hope is we all will follow their lead.

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