Big Bad John

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How did you like Mark Hunt‘s performance against Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 this past weekend? He landed some hard shots against dos Santos, but dos Santos’ chin held up and he used his boxing and takedowns en route to what looked like was going to be a unanimous decision win — until dos he was able to land a spinning head kick and finish Hunt off with under a minute left in the fight.

Hunt announced on Sunday that he actually suffered a broken toe in the first round and it hindered his movement in the fight. Would have it made a difference? It’s hard to say, but the man hits like a truck and dos Santos was able to avoid his power by using his footwork. With better movement maybe Hunt could have capitalized.

Tweetle Dumb:

UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez successfully defended his title in the UFC 160 main event by dispatching Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva via TKO at 1:21 of the first round. “Bigfoot” complained after the fight that he took some illegal shots to the back of the head, and in addition, felt the fight was stopped too soon.

UFC President Dana White voiced his opinion after the event that one of the problems is the Nevada Sate Athletic Commission should have used a referee other than Mario Yamasaki, who is a rather small fellow, and to use such a small person to referee two giants makes no sense.

In that vein — who would have been better than referee “Big” John McCarthy? But guess what, the guy can’t even referee MMA fights in Nevada because he’s not licensed. And why isn’t he licensed… he explained in this Tweet:

So congrats to the Nevada State Athletic Commission for winning our Tweetle Dumb award for not allowing the godfather of MMA referees to referee in the fight capital of the world. Nice job.

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