Josh Samman found himself in deep water right out of the gate in his UFC debut, fending off a series of submission attempts to come back and finish Kevin Casey with a brutal knee attack in the clinch to win by TKO in the second round.

Both fighters came out kicking but it was the kick of Josh Samman that swept the legs of Kevin Casey sending him to the canvas. Samman pounced but found himself in danger immediately as Casey secured a very tight triangle attempt. Samman scrambled to escape, but Casey transitioned to an armbar attempt and it appeared that the fight would be over just as quickly as it started. Instead, Samman elevated and slammed his opponent, forcing Casey to abandon the submission attempt. Casey quickly swept Samman however and went to work with a measured ground-and-pound attack. Samman finally got to his feet and scored big in the clinch with knees up the middle as the round ended.

Samman went right back to work in the clinch to start the second round, securing the plum clinch and delivering a steady dose of knees up the middle. The attack finally took it’s toll as Casey started to wilt under the relentless knee attack of Samman. Finally Casey hit the canvas as Samman poured on a flurry of punches to finish off a tremendous comeback to win by TKO at 2:17 of the round.

Josh Samman improves to 10-3 (1-0 UFC) with the impressive comeback TKO victory.

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