Nick Diaz UFC 158
Nick Diaz

Today at the UFC 158 pre-fight press conference Nick Diaz explained why he was unable to attend the UFC 158 open workouts.

He told members of the media that the first thing he wanted to do when he got off the airplane was workout and sweat out some “toxic water”. Because Nick had done this workout he needed to catch up on some sleep rather then attend the open workouts.

“I got off the airplane at 12’o’clock and I recommend for any fighter as I would for any of my students to go ahead and sweat out some of that toxic water that your holding from the airplane. It’s gotta happen, it’s gotta happen dude. You cannot be going to bed with that toxic s**t inside of you, you know, when you have a fight in the next couple of days.” – Nick Diaz

Nick Diaz will face current UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre for the title on Saturday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Following the various incidents related to media obligations and the verbal war of words exchanged between Diaz and GSP on a conference call earlier this week, I am sure the champ and the UFC are counting down the minutes until the fight actually takes place this weekend.

“I just felt a lot better about getting my workout after I got off the airplane and catching up on some sleep as soon as I got here. I have had to train hard, work hard and I had to pick a day to get some rest and I got in here at 12’o’clock at night. Georges lives here and he’s trying to say it’s unfair and it’s not fair that he had to do it and didn’t. I’m like, you live here bro and you got to do an open workout, I would have liked to do an open workout, I would have liked to do that. So, I’m sorry I didn’t make it.” – Nick Diaz

At the end of the day, if Nick Diaz didn’t do all of these outrageous and unacceptable things, he would not have half of the appeal that he does today. People are waiting to see what happens next, people want to see how far Nick can push GSP emotionally, this is what excites people and builds hype for the fight and that is why Nick Diaz is considered a pay-per-view draw.

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