GLORY 4 featured a one-night single-elimination 16-man heavyweight kickboxing tournament on New Year’s Eve in Saitama, Japan. The tournament featured such fighters as Semmy Schilt, Sergei Kharitonov, Gokhan Saki, Remy Bonjasky, Errol Zimmerman, Peter Aerts, Daniel Ghita and others.

After four fights in one night that resulted in two knockouts and two decision victories, the giant Semmy Schilt walked away with the $400,000 grand prize. For the complete fight results go here: New Year’s Eve Special: DREAM 18 and GLORY 4 results. In addition to the 16-man tournament there were four super fights. One of these super fights featured Yuichiro Nagashima, and yes, he walked to the ring wearing lingere and a pair of women’s underwear on his head. And yes, he lost the fight:

Yuichiro Nagashima either lost a bet, really missed his girlfriend or considered it completely normal to wear a pair of women’s underwear on his head. Photo courtesy Glory Sports International

Check out this extensive photo gallery from GLORY 4 provided courtesy of Glory Sports International:

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