SAN DIEGO — ( reporter Isaac Guzman caught up with BJJ black belt and no-gi specialist Jeff Glover following his match with Caio Terra at the Metamoris Pro Invitational at San Diego State University.

Glover, who after 15 minutes ultimately lost via armbar to Terra, discussed his playful style and strategy during the match, as well as his preference for Metamoris’ submission-only rules.

Glover actually holds a win over Caio in points competition and talked about the possibility of having a tie-breaker match, but insisted they will need to be paid well for their services. Glover also promised to return to Metamoris in the future and is ready to take on all-comers.

That wraps up our Metamoris coverage for 2012 guys. Can’t wait until the next one. To learn more about Metamoris visit or follow them on Twitter at @MetamorisPro. Subscribe or befriend Jeff Glover on Facebook at

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