We here at PMN just love MMA. In fact if you knew me personally, you would think I’m a complete nut job because MMA is all I think about all the time. I think about MMA so much that once I mistook a girl’s name which was Amber for armbar (true story bro). However, as much as I love MMA and think that all you football fans should find something more manly to go crazy about, I do admit, MMA might not be for everyone. So for all you guys who don’t get that “rolling on the ground stuff”, here’s something that might interest you.

Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr, who is a multiple time muay thai world champion and former contestant of the original Challenger, has started his own muay thai promotion called the Caged Muay Thai series in his homeland of Australia. The promotion is a hybrid of muay thai and MMA in the sense that rules adopted are standard muay thai rules but fighters will be fighting in a cage and with four ounce gloves.

Parr admits to being a huge MMA fan and even considered learning Brazilian jiu jitsu in hopes of competing in the cage one day. However, given his age, he didn’t see it as a viable option. This led him to the idea of Caged Muay Thai. The promotion had it’s first event on the June 23rd and drew mixed reactions. It has received public support and attention from the likes of Kenny Florian, “The Korean Zombie”, Chan Sung Jung, and Dong Hyun Kim but muay thai traditionalist have frowned on it stating that it really isn’t muay thai.

Here’s a video clip of Caged Muay Thai. Seems like an interesting concept that would get any fan of the stand up game excited.

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