“It’s fight week at Tachi Palace…”  

By: Jeremy Luchau

I woke up this Monday morning and thought to myself that it is finally here… It’s fight week.

It’s always a fun week full of challenges and this one is no different.

I come into this week searching for two amateur fights – one at 155 pounds and another at 170 pounds. At least it’s not last minute replacements on the pro side.

The pro side of things seems to be going smooth. Fighters have turned in their tickets and money, medicals are just about all clear and now it’s just time to make weight and then fight.

I’ve been busy making sure the production side of things goes well, sending out memos, working with I.S. departments, camera crews, the Sherdog staff, etc. to make sure the entire streaming and live event runs smooth.

We are doing some different things for this show by adding the HD Production with our cameras. This has made things a bit more challenging with the crew, but I have faith that everything will tie together.

I’m looking forward to the new look of the show and hope the fans continue to see the improvements we’ve been doing behind the scenes.

This show’s challenges are much different than others, as my focus has been heavily on the amateurs and working with the amateur commission – CAMO (California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Organization).

We haven’t had any tickets available online at  www.tachipalace.com in weeks, but after the fighters returned some tickets we were able to add 75 tickets. If there are some fans out there that want to attend the show live, I’d purchase those asap.

Sorry so short on this one, I will check back with you all in a few days and hopefully I’m still as chipper as I am today.

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