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Titan Fighting Championships 21 went off Friday night at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas. Over 1000 people crowded in to see professional and amateur mixed martial artists leave it all in the cage. Joe Kelly’s event was aired by HDNet and featured the Midwest’s finest up and coming combatants.

After showing up early to settle our ticket sales and setup our Hillbilly Fight Wear booth, we set off for the green room to prepare our fighter, Andrew Fleming, who competed in his sixth amateur MMA bout in under one year. This 34-year-old, divorced, father of one, with zero martial arts background, has evolved quickly due to his humility, eagerness to learn and willingness to listen.

His night, but not his passion, was ended midway through the second round following a relentless assault by a man 16 years his junior. Trey Johnson (4-1) is also just starting in this game. His fifth fight in under one year since turning 18 ended gloriously upon the demise of my training partner. Both men are ranked among the top amateur middleweights in our area and will most definitely continue their rise.

Other local amateurs got their shot in the big cage as well. Isaac Enriquez and Jett Jones lost their respective battles in front of the home crowd, while Johnathan Ford finished his opponent via gogoplata midway through the second round.

It was impressive to say the least and I wished my brother had been there to see it. Big Brad finished two consecutive opponents via gogo several years back in professional competition. That combination of hip strength and dexterity is a rare athletic quality and difficult to counter.

Of the six professional bouts on the card, Kevin Croom and Ramiro Hernandez Jr. put on the greatest display. Both of these men moved aggressively for three rounds en route to a split decision. The fight was electric on the feet and well contested on the ground with Croom controlling the in-between stages.

Two of three judges rewarded Hernandez with the decision, reaffirming the importance of keeping regulatory bodies out of independent business. Both men had previously finished KC’s Grindhouse owner, Brian Davidson. Despite the indecisive conclusion, the crowd was on it’s feet from start to finish and fulfilled with both men’s performances.

Manhattan gym owner, Joe Wilk, furthered his reputation as a game entertainer with an early first round stoppage of Andrew Carrillo. “The Nose” is eager for his UFC shot and may have just earned it. Jorge Santiago finished Leonardo Pecanha in the evening’s main event with a violent straight right hand. A couple thumps followed on the surface for good measure to end the World Champion grappler’s night.

Joe Ellenberger, Fabio Mello and Mirsad Bektic were also victorious in professional bouts. Omaha MMA was well represented thanks to Ryan Stoddard’s involvement.

I had the pleasure of filling a ten shirt order for the HDNet production crew. Chris Markwell sought me out for an undisclosed promotional deal. The fellas looked great in our apparel and I am proud to have made the connection. GNF It’s good for the community.

Sales of our “Yes, You Can. Elect Ron Paul.” shirts have slowed as of late. Brad Powell of In the Cage MMA told me last night, “They’re not gonna let it happen, Brian.” That is exactly why we must make it happen. Politics isn’t much different than combatives. In the end, it’s two men fighting over rights to the microphone. We the people haven’t had the microphone for far too long, and it’s damn time we stood up and claimed it. Thump a stranger.

Our efforts to promote Saudi Arabia’s first mixed martial arts event have taken a detour. The government of Qatar is much friendlier to the West and business in general, which will make our trip more cost effective and entertaining for the locals. My search is nearly complete to fill a ten man roster for our diplomatic thumpology mission. It will most definitely be good for their community and our nation’s nearby troops.

My fight is five weeks away. I am bigger, faster and stronger than I have ever been in my life. I have never eaten so cleanly or trained so hard. Branson is due for a thump lesson. Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights is on April 7th at The Hilton Convention Center. I guarantee a violent performance. No governing bodies need attend. Go on I got it.

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