North Carolina’s Jordan Rinaldi

As one of North Carolina’s top lightweights, Jordan has been featured many times here at Pro MMA Now as part of “The Jordan Rinaldi Experiment” which detailed a portion of his career leading up this the opportunity he currently has with the UFC.

You can read those here, here, here, and here. You can also find him on Twitter @JordanRinaldi. Below he provides his thoughts on the opportunity:

So I have been selected to participate in the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter Live.  I have to fight March 9th live on FX to win a spot in the house.  I am hoping that the people of Charlotte, and of North Carolina will be hoping and praying for me to fight well and bring home a win in that pivotal fight.�

To say the least, I am nervous.  Among many other emotions, the most potent right now is nervousness.  I am very excited for this incredible opportunity that I have been blessed with, God has given me more than I could have ever imagined.  As most people know, this is a huge opportunity, and the show has produced many top contenders as well as many champions in its time.  I look forward to taking full advantage of this opportunity, and I have been training harder than I ever knew that I could.  Though I am very nervous, I am also very motivated.  I am motivated by the naysayers that count out anyone that isn’t from a big gym like Jackson’s or AKA.  I want to prove to the world that Charlotte can produce top tier talent, and it has!

Looking at the lineup of competition, I know that this season will be great.  I am excited for the fact that it is a good group of fighters and when I prevail, it will look that much better for me.�

I thank everyone in the Charlotte and North Carolina area that have supported me in the past; the encouragement is greatly appreciated.  I especially would like to thank Team ROC and all my teachers and training partners that have pushed me to my limits.

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