Mark Hunt showed off his power and precise striking, taking out Cheick Kongo in just over two minutes with a dominating TKO victory at UFC 144.

Hunt started the bout with a blistering leg kick, but slipped in the process, landing on the mat as Kongo advanced. Hunt scrambled to his feet and clinched as Kongo pressed him into the cage. After reversing position, Kongo pushed off and took the center of the cage. Hunt immediately came forward after the reset, walking through the flicking jabs of Kongo.

Hunt peppered Kongo with a leg kick, and then connected with a counter-left hand that dropped Kongo. Kongo scrambled to his feet, but not for long as Hunt came forward and measured him up with a jab before staggering him with a big right hand. As Kongo tried to escape by sliding along the cage, Hunt pursued and flurried with four more right hands. The last right hand was enough, as Kongo dropped to the canvas. Before Hunt could pour on any more punishment, the referee intervened and stopped the fight just 2:11 into the first round.

The win marks the second consecutive victory in the UFC for Hunt, who moves to 8-7 overall (2-1 UFC).

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