LAS VEGAS — Superior Cage Combat 4 takes place this evening at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas and features UFC vets Kendall Grove vs. Jay Silva in a middleweight main event.

Also, Superior Cage Combat will hold their first five-round title fight with John Gunderson taking on Justin Buchholz for the SCC lightweight championship in the co-main event.‘s ( Joe Gugelman is cage side and will be reporting with LIVE fight results and play-by-play commentary. And photographer Kristyn Adamakis is also cage side and will be shooting her amazing photos, so stay tuned for that.

While you’re waiting for the fights to start, check out photos from the weigh-ins.

SCC 4 quick results:

  • Jay Silva def. Kendall Grove by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (1:52)
  • (SCC 155 Title Fight) John Gunderson def. Justin Buchholz via submission (kimura) Rd 3 (2:34)
  • Jamie Yager def. Danny Davis Jr. by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
  • Paulo Bananada def. Dominique Robinson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
  • Brandon Bender def. Shorty Weikel by submission (triangle choke) Rd 3 (2:30)
  • Walt Harris def. Anthony Hamiltion by knockout (punches) Rd 1 
  • Jimmy Jones def. Joao Victor  via submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 3 (3:49)

SCC 4 play-by-play:

Walt Harris vs. Anthony Hamilton

Round 1 – Hamilton scores an early takedown. After getting back to his feet, Harris immediately starts landing combos and drops Hamilton. Steve Mazzagatti steps in and keeps Hamilton from taking any further punishment. Looked like a good stoppage on the replay. Hamilton’s legs folded under him awkwardly as he dropped straight down.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Walt Harris def. Anthony Hamiltion by knockout (punches) Rd 1

Brandon Bender vs. Shorty Weikel

Round 1 – Shorty comes out aggressive, pinning Bender against the cage. Bender does a good job controlling Shorty’s posture with a front choke, then turns it into a guillotine choke. Looks very tight. Shorty amazingly escapes and is back to his fee, this time right into a standing guillotine. After the fight briefly goes to the ground, they separate, then re-engage. Bender continues to go for the guillotine, but it’s hard to imagine he has the arm strength at this point to finish. He reverses position, ends up in side control, loses it and catches a big knee on the way up. Shorty comes forward with big strikes against the cage that seem to hurt Bender who drops to his knees. Shorty spins to take his back, gets tied up and ends up on bottom. Shorty goes for a kimura from bottom but Bender easily escapes. Bender looks to have locked on an anaconda choke, Bender escapes only to fall into another guillotine attempt. Bender visibly gassed while trying to squeeze, taking several large breaths. Shorty gets his head out at the ten second mark, ends round in Bender’s guard. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Bender.

Round 2 – Front kick from Shorty that misses. Bender scores with a head kick, then another head kick that Shorty blocks. Bender with a third head kick that partially lands. shorty comes forward with a one two, then a flurry of punches against the fence. Shorty getting his kicks going now and Bender reciprocates. Bender finds his range for a left hook. Shorty backs him up with punch. Both land some dirty boxing. Shorty slips while attempting a kicks and both men wind up in double leg lock position. Bender gets top position off a kimura attempt. Bender moves to side control. Shorty reverses to half guard then lands a few small punches from top, followed by some damaging elbows. Bender escapes and completes a single leg into his half guard. Shorty almost sweeps before the horn, but the round ends before he cam complete it. PMN scores the round 10-9 for Bender.

Round 3 – Bender presses forward, eats a leg kick. Swing and miss from Shorty and Bender checks his leg kick then puts Shorty on his back and takes side control. Shorty reverses and takes Bender’s back. Scramble and Bender regains full guard and starts attacking off his back looking for a triangle. Shorty attempts to punch his way out but has to succumb. Nice technique from Bender.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brandon Bender def. Shorty Weikel by submission (triangle choke) Rd 3 (2:30)

Dominique Robinson vs. Paulo Bananada

Round 1 – Bananada being cornered by Anderson Silva. Robinson responds to Bananada’s leg kick with a left right combo. Bananada has Robinson up against the fence with double underhooks and back to over under. Clinch game for a couple minutes here and a few boos start. Robinson with underhooks and turns Bananada’s back to the cage. Ref separates them with just over two minutes to go. They trade leg kicks as Robinson presses forward. Back to the clinch and back with the boos. Ref separates them, the circle one another. Bananada with some nice leg kicks to steal the round 10-9.

Round 2 – Bananada initiates the clinch against the cage. Ref separates them quickly. Nice combo from Bananada and a body kick. Fake Superman punch followed by a left. Robinson charges forward with a flurry which mostly comes up short. It’s Robinson basically chasing Bananada around the cage now and the crowd voices their disapproval. Head kick by Bananada barely blocked. He’s mixing up leg kicks and punches much better this round. Robinson presses him to the cage. Ref separates them. Leg kicks from Bananada and Robinson returns the same. Thirty seconds to go and Robinson lands some nice counters as Bananada charges forward. Crowd boos as the round ends. PMN scores it 10-9 for Robinson (probably should be a 10-10).

Round 3 – Start of the round is delayed slightly for Robinson to clear something from his eye, but he wastes no time in coming out and dropping Bananada, who quickly regains composure and attempts a double leg. The fight goes to the ground with Robinson on top in half guard. Scramble to the feet and Bananada controlling against the cage. Robinson breaks free and they square up. Bananada shoots, works for the takedown.Robinson with a couple short elbows with his back to the cage. Bananada comes forward as Robinson counters with punches. Bananada calls for Robinson to engage and he politely declines. More boos as the final horn sounds. PMN scores it 10-9 and 29-28 for Robinson.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Paulo Bananada def. Dominique Robinson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Rd 3 (5:00)

Danny Davis Jr. vs. Jamie Yager

Round 1 – They trade kicks. Yager shoots in and gets the takedown lands in half guard. Ref eventually stands them up. Davis lands a straight right. Great footwork by both guys. Daivs throws a triple combo, missing all three. Davis working the jab, Yager responds with a head kick that’s blocked. Yager shoots, Davis sprawls, goes for a guillotine. Yager pops the huge fro out and is back in half guard on top. Davis neutralizes Yager’s top game. PMN scores it 10-9 Yager.

Round 2 – Davis throwing a lot of leg kicks early. After some back and forth Yager gets a big takedown, takes Davis’ back. Davis turns into half guard but Yager still looking for the choke. Davis appears gassed but gets to his back in half guard. Regains full guard, throws up a triangle. Yager escapes and takes his back with one hook in. Davis escapes out the back and winds up with a rear naked choke attempt of his own. Time is up. PMN scores the round 10-9 Yager.

Round 3 – Yager gets the takedown early. Davis reverses ends up inside Yager’s guard, attempts to pass. Yager turtles and Davis goes for the choke. Yager stays firm and sweeps. Yager on top in half guard now, both fighters seem exhausted. Yager takes Davis’ back and is landing punches. Davis recovers half guard and then gets to his knees to try and get up but time is up. PMN scores it 10-9 and 30-27 for Yager.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jamie Yager def. Danny Davis Jr. by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) Rd 3 (5:00)

(155 Title Fight) John Gunderson vs. Justin Buchholz

Round 1 – Buchholz goes for a front kick that he scored a KO with in the first SCC. Gunderson takes him down near the fence after landing a nice punch. Buchholz goes for a guillotine. After holding it for nearly a minute he’s forced to let it go. Buchholz with mission control and controlling Gunderson. Rubber guard for Buchholz. Gunderson with a punch from the top as Buchholz tries to create space and escape. Buchholz sweeps and winds up in full mount with just under a minute to go. Gunderson gives up his back. Buchholz goes for the choke but Gunderson escapes and gets top position and lands some decent punches.The horn sounds and Gunderson lands a late shot. They exchange words. PMN scores it 10-9 Buchholz.

Round 2 – Both men land cleanly with Buchholz turning away toward the cage as Gunderson drops to his knees for a moment before standing up and completing a takedown. More use of rubber guard from Buchholz. Gunderson eventually passes guard, gets back mount with one hook in. Gunderson lands some small shots. Buchholz escapes, Gunderson scrambles and takes his back briefly before they scramble back to their feet. Clinched up, Gunderson lands some knees, goes for a single leg and gets the takedown but Buchholz pops right up. Gunderson puts him right back down. Buchholz looks for a kimura but Gunderson escapes and ends up in a modified back mount. PMN scores it 10-9 Gunderson.

Round 3 – Gunderson shoots early but Buchholz foils it. Powerful leg kick by Buchholz and a right hand. Gunderson shoots, stuffed. Gunderson with a body kick, Buchholz catches it and gets the takedown. Buchholz lands punches from the top but Gunderson ties him up and goes for a kimura, it’s deep and Buchholz taps out. Big win for Gunderson to take home the inaugural SCC lightweight title!

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Gunderson def. Justin Buchholz via submission (kimura) Rd 3 (2:34)

Kendall Grove vs. Jay Silva

Round 1 – Silva comes out throwing jabs while Grove is throwing low kicks. Grove pins him against the cage, lands some knees and foot stomps. Silva breaks free and they square up. Leg kick from Silva. Straight right from Grove scores. Big counter right hook from Silva. Silva pins Grove against the cage. The separate. Standing elbow strike from Silva. Head kick by Silva is blocked, barely. Grove chases him down and lands a few punches capped off with a right hook. They clinch up, Grove goes for the takedown and gets it with 90 seconds remaining in the round. Grove spins to his back, but is shaken off and winds up on his back. Silva wants no part of his guard and lets him up. Silva blocks a punch combo and shakes his head at Grove. Silva just misses a big uppercut as the bell sounds. PMN scores it 10-9 Grove.

Round 2 – Silva catches Grove with a shot early and Grove is on rollerskates. Silva pounces trying to finish as Grove goes to his back. Grove ties him up in his guard. Silva passes guard, Grove gives up his back. Silva rains down punches as Grove scrambles and regains half guard. Silva takes his back again and locks on a rear naked choke. This fight is over as Kendall Grove taps out. I don’t think he ever fully recovered from getting rocked on the feet. This is only the second submission loss of Kendall Grove’s career. The last time he was submitted was back in 2005 when Savant Young put him to sleep with a guillotine choke at Lockdown in Paradise 1 in Hawaii.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Jay Silva def. Kendall Grove by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (1:52)

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  1. Good solid win for Jay Silva here. Grove could still give a few guys in the UFC some problems.

    Always interesting to see a guy with potential make some improvement. Sucks for Grove though. Hopefully he can put together another streak.

  2. Congrats to Brandon Bender. He had so many close submissions. His opponent was greased up and was able to take the first a lot longer than it should have been. Good fight, very entertaining.

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