Video: Mike Tyson reveals favorite MMA fighter and MMA technique he is most scared of

Heavyweight boxing legend Mike Tyson, now 45, shares his thoughts on mixed martial arts, why it is on the rise and why boxing promoters should pay attention so they can make some changes. Tyson appreciates the ability to take the fight anywhere in MMA but says what scares him most are “toe stomps” and insists if someone were to stomp on his toes he would be the first to tap out.

Tyson reveals his favorite MMA fighter:

“Fedor Emelianenko, my favorite of all time. He’s always the underdog, always the smallest guy and always comes out victorious. He just stayed around too long in the age of high performance drugs, bigger athletes… I never seen an athlete like him, fighting, as far as a fighting athlete that just beat the odds so many times. From a guy that just love him from a human perspective, I don’t want to see him get hurt anymore, you know. He didn’t get hurt, but those guys could hurt him, the big guy that was hitting him, Bigfoot. I don’t like to see that. The guy that’s been in there so long, he’s not the same as he used to be and you see him get beat up, aw man, that’s a bad feeling.”

Can you imagine if MMA was as big when Tyson was coming up as it is now? Can you imagine if “Iron Mike” was fighting his opponents with five ounce gloves? Now that’s scary.

He also explains the one main reason he feels MMA is so “awesome”:

“I think it’s an awesome sport and what makes it awesome more than anything cause it’s entertaining. You know, and it makes the people happy. And that’s why there’s a good opening for it. That’s why it’s been so spectacular in this country and around the world.”

Does MMA make you happy? This interview should. Take it away Mike…