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Show 123 and it’s time to open back up the barber shop. Our first guest is stepping into the shop and ready to talk his wrestling career where he did nothing but win, and his plans to do the same in the cage. A Heavyweight coming back from a car accident who just signed to the UFC, and a man who could crush you on the mat and so could over half his family. C’mon tell me you aren’t excited about this show!

Bubba Jenkins

Our first guest was a member of the Penn State Wrestling squad before being asked to not return. He did what most guys would do, he went home. Unlike most guys though he picked up right where he left off and joined the Arizona State squad where he ended up pinning his former teams new Freshman to win the National Title.

That’s right Bubba Jenkins is in the shop fresh off his pro debut where it only took him two minutes and some change. We will talk to Bubba about his turn to MMA, his wrestling days, and so much more.

All I can tell you is that the man brings fireworks on the mat, inside the cage, and you don’t
think you are going to get fireworks when the man is up in the Barber Shop. In the words of Ed Lover, C’MON SON! This is one Bubba Jenkins interview you won’t want to miss cause we do it like no one else! Follow Bubba on Twitter at @2sinsurrJenkins.

Shane Del Rosario

Our second guest is none other than the newest Heavy weight signed to the UFC with the recent Strikeforce purchase; Shane Del Rosario is back in the building and about to put his name on the map! Shane is looking to make a splash in the deepest HW Division in the world and is bringing with him his World Class Muay Thai.

In case you didn’t know Shane is the first American to ever win the WBC Muay Thai World  Heavyweight title. Shane is bringing to the octagon a 11-0 record with 10 of his wins coming in the first round. Shane has been off the grid and out of the sport for a minute as he was involved in a car accident and has been sidelined with back problems.

We will talk to Shane about having to deal with the injury, the thought of his career being over,  signing with the UFC, the new competition and much more. Trust me if you caught our interview on camera with Shane back in Anaheim you won’t want to miss this one. I am sure that Shane is hyped to be in the UFC almost as much as he is to be back in the shop!

Rener Gracie

Okay so if I say the last name Gracie who do you think of? I mean you could think of Royce, Rorion, or maybe even Helio, but what about the new generation? Well our next guest is just that, the new generation of GRACIES, Rener Gracie is in the SHOP!

Okay so real talk, you wanna see some bad stuff before you catch the interview, go to YouTube and
search Rener Gracie. If you can’t stay busy for at least an hour and some change after that tip, then something has to be wrong with you kid. Rener is doing something that some would consider incredible while some might describe it as new style or even cool.

However you wanna describe it is on you, but I have to say that this kid has his own swagger with a family tradition that kills most! We have plenty to talk to Rener about from growing up in the Gracie family, to his goals in the sport of Martial Arts and BJJ, and his own personal brand. (Rener has his own reality show, plenty of responsibilities in the gym, and continuing to grow his families brand.)

Rener is a beast on the mat and on the camera as he has been handed the reins to lead the Gracie JJ style and tradition into a new direction and make the secrets of MMA’s first family available to the world! Follow Rener on twitter at @RenerGracie.

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