We are cageside at the Sports of All Sorts in Florence, Ky. for  “Absolute Action MMA 20: Battle Against Breast Cancer 2”.  Tonight’s event is highlighted by the match up of two of the nation’s top rated amateur females.

Jessamyn Duke looks to defend her AAMMA Women’s Featherweight Title against a very tough Amanda Bell. Two more amateur title fights are on the card as well as three professional bouts featuring Reaction MMA’s Rob Nickerson and Jorge Gurgel MMA’s Isaac Steele.

We will be doing play by play of the professional and title fights tonight as well as bringing you all of the event results.

Absolute Action MMA 20 quick results:

  • Adam Fritz defeats Tommy Kirkland, 1:02 Round 1 via Submission (Triangle Choke)
  • Justin Decker defeats Christopher Sallie, 1:57 Round 2 via Submission (Kimura)
  • Chris Meyers defeats Nick Noe, 1:02 Round 3 via TKO (Strikes)
  • Ian Davis defeats Donnie Wells, 1:07 Round 1 via Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
  • Robert Cooper defeats Daniel McGuire, 2:47 Round 3 – Knockout
  • Gerry Huber defeats Deric Reese via Split Decision
  • Jeff Johnson defeats Robert Sublett, 2:39 Round 2 via Submission (Armbar)
  • Bobby Handy defeats Mario Padilla via Unanimous Decision
  • Sarah Cook defeats Cassie Walker, 1:51 Round 1 via TKO(Strikes)
  • George Conley defeats Steven Conley – Steven Conley could not answer bell for Round 2

Professional Bout -Marcus Finch vs Jason Goodin

Round 1: Fighters touch gloves and Finch comes out swinging. He presses Goodin against the cage. Goodin  escapes and comes out throwing wildly. Finch gets him back against the cage and throws knees to the body.  Both fighters exchange knees. Finch throws a big knee to the head of Goddin and turns up the pressure. Goodin escapes but Marcus keeps throwing knees. Goodin goes down and Finch follows him to the mat. Finch uses big knees to the body. Finch lands a shot to the face of Goodin. Finch gets the back of Goodin. Finch is landing shots  as Goodin just tries to survive. . Referee Chris Kinman stops the fight after several big shots land to the head of Goodin.

  • Marcus Finch defeats Jason Goodin, 3:49 into Round 1 via TKO (Strikes)

Professional Bout: Isaac Steele vs Yancy Martin

Round 1:  Fighters touch gloves. Steele comes with a front kick and locks Marin up against the cage. Fighters exchange knees and Steele gets a take down. Steele uses elbows to the head and looks for the rear naked choke. Steele takes top position and lands several unanswered shots. Martin uses wrist control but Steele lands another blow. Steele locks in a tight armbar and Martin submits.

Amateur Lightweight Title Fight: Brittany Skelton vs Shawn Woodyard

Round 1: Fighters circle each other with Woodyward pressing Skelton against the cage. Skelton gets a takedown on Woodyard and lands in a weak guillotine. Both trade short punches. Woodyard looks to work the body of Skelton. Skelton works his way up the cage and tries another guillotine.  Skelton holds Woodyard close in half guard. Woodyard tries to pass but can’t. Shawn lands several more shots to the ribs of Skelton.  Both fighters get to the feet and Skelton lands a knee to the face of Woodyard as the round closes.

Round 2: Skelton charges out of the corner and pushes Woodyard to the cage. Woodyard reverses position and Skelton gets a takedown.  Skelton gets up and throws leg kicks to a downed Woodyard. Skelton returns to the ground looking to throw some punches. Woodyard ties him up briefly and Skelton lands punches to the ribcage of Woodyard.  Brittany ends the round with top position.

Round 3: Woodyard tries a kick but misses . Shawn gets Skelton against the cage and manages a take down.  Skelton goes for a guillotine but Woodyard escapes. Woodyard keeps Skelton close to the mat. Woodyard gets a rear naked choke but can’t hold it. Woodyard maintains position on the back of Skelton. Skelton throws some punches from the bottom as the round ends.

Round 4: Fighters lock and move wildly around the cage. Skelton gets top position  and works his striking. Brittany lands several big shots. Sketon uses forearms to the body.  Skelton stands briefly and throws several big shots to the face of Woodyard. The round ends with Skelton on top.

Round 5: Woodyard starts the round with several big leg kicks.  Shawn gets a take down and Skelton works hard to gain posture.  Skelton takes top position  and  lands several punches to the face. Woodyard holds  Skelton down momentarily but Skelton frees up and lands several more punches to the body. Skelton is relentless with the body shots. Several hammerfists land to the ribs of Woodyard.

  • Brittany Skelton defeats Shawn Woodyard and is the new AAMMA Lightweight Champion

Light Heavyweight Championship – Matt Bell (Champ) vs Josh Walker

Round 1: Walker comes out and slips after a kick attempt. Bell throws a puch and Walker ducks. Walker lands a big  shot and rocks Bell. Bell comes up holding the back of his head. Bell gets a takedown and lands several shots to Walker.  Walker recovers and presses Bell against the cage. Fighters break and Bell lands a huge shot to the face of Walker. Walker drops and Bell throws several unanswered strikes and referee Chris Kinman puts a stop to the fight.

  • Matt Bell defeats Josh Walker, 2:30 into Round 1 via TKO(Strikes). Bell retains his AAMMA Light Heavyweight Title

Professional Bout – Rob Nickerson vs Chris Potee

Round 1: Nickerson lands a front kick. Potee locks Nickerson against the cage and throws some punches.  Nickerson locks in an armbar attempt.  He holds the attempt for a long time and goes into a triangle.  The triangle gets tight and Potee submits.

  • Rob Nickerson defeats Chris Potee, 2:23 into Round 1 via Submission (Triangle Choke)

Women’s Featherweight Championship: Jessamyn Duke vs Amanda Bell

Round 1: Bell starts with a takedown on Duke. Doke gets an armbar but loses it. Bell works from the top and lands a punch to the face. Bell works a choke  and Duke tries to escape. Duke eludes the choke.  Duke  and Bell lock up on the ground with little action. Duke lands several shots . Bell ends the round on top

Round 2: Duke gets a takedown to start the round. Bell lands several strikes from the bottom. Duke  gets a guillotine in but can’t hold it.Bell gets several short punches to the face of Duke. Bell lands several more strikes as the three minute round ends.

Round 3: Bell starts with a high kick and Duke gets a take down. Both women exhibit a stalemate on the ground. Bell  lands big punches from the top as Duke holds to a heel hook attempt.  Duke takes a lot of punishment as she holds on the the submission attempt. Bell unloads with big punches. Duke has no answer and referee Chris Kinman stops the fight.

  • Amanda Bell defeats Jessamyn Duke, 2:35 into Round 3 via TKO (Strikes). Bell is the new Absolute Action MMA Women’s Featherweight Champion

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