WBO welterweight champ Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez met in the ring for a third time Saturday night at MGM’s Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. And like their two previous meetings, the fight was very close. Although Pacquiao got the judges’ nod via majority decision, most fans and pundits scored the fight for Marquez, including yours truly. Watch and judge for yourself, then let us know your thoughts on the fight by leaving your comments below.

MMA Fun Fact: Did you know Marquez did some training at Xtreme Couture for this fight? (see video)

9 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez III (full fight video)”
  1. No doubt Pacquiao won the game.His aggressiveness brought to the judges attention.No way that Marquez dominating the game coz he always moving back everytime Pacquiao moving closed to him.

  2. what the?…haha okay?? like if his expressions was going to judge the game. if that was the case Marquez should of talked him huh hahahaha….And of course Marquez has to move away and keep his guard, it part of boxing. Listen to Manny Lose^^^ or watch the game over again! ha

  3. he is a challenger.he should be more aggressive or even hit that pacquiao hard or knock him down.he wasnt make that to happen and in the latter rounds he was underfire by little fella.juan must throw a lot of punches for the last two rounds but i saw the opponent threw more than he does.my card goes to pacman 115 to 113.

  4. woow … just watch again .. marquez many punch made from pacquiao ..then marquez .. good stepped footer and headbater hahaha good cheater .. obviously .. almost three or four times marquez get round .. i saw the thru fight .. pacquiao is really win .. and the best fighter in the world .. marquez dont react like that … you’ll never beat pacquiao ..

  5. Very close fight like the second one I feel Pac pulled it off “by the skin of his teeth” again… Naysayers who claimed Marquez was robbed are just bitter. If 2 men (giants) in a sport have three extremely close fights and one of those guys doesn’t get at least one win out of those three then for certain there will be angry mobbing. If these 2 fought 3 more times an all were close like the previous 3 the swelling cry of disgust on the outcome verdict will create more controversy than the last.. One of the greatest trilogies of all time no doubt thats why I hope there will never be a 4th fight. No mayweather then Pac should retire.

  6. This was one of Marquez’s easier fights. I had it 8 rounds to 4 for Marquez. Mr. Pacquiao had nothing all night.

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