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Show 117 and we can’t do anything but keep this show loaded. I seriously feel that week in and week out we bring you huge line-ups and you know this week is no different. This week’s show is packed like a U-Haul, so let’s get moving!

Stephen Bass (@StephenBassTUF)

Our first guest this week is a man that you should know brings the heat like a Vegas summer. Our inside man from this season of The Ultimate Fighter Stephen Bass is kicking down the door and bringing you a helping of the realest look at this weeks’ episode. We have been waiting to see the craziness of this season unleashed on us viewers and it hasn’t happened yet, will this week be the week?

Well first you have to tune into this week’s episode of the show, then you need to listen to our episode of FIST-ta-CUFF Radio to listen to Stephen tell you about what you saw and what he saw and went through first hand. Things are starting to heat up between teammates and coaches, could this be the week that someone overheats? Follow Stephen on twitter at @StephenBassTUF.


Matt Ricehouse

You wanna talk about a great start to your pro career, how does going 5-0 to start your career sound? Wait what if it could get better, what if you fought on the same card as Overeem vs. Rogers for your second fight, or Henderson vs. Babalu for your fourth fight? What if you were the guy to give a Couture his first loss… Well all this is true for our second guest Matt Ricehouse.

We have the up and coming pro on to talk about his career, what got him into fighting, being on such big cards so early in his career, being pitted against Ryan Couture, and his upcoming fight against Bill Cooper on the 18th in Las Vegas for Strikeforce on their Challengers card. If you want to get to know one kat that you should keep an eye on with a very bright future in this sport, don’t miss this interview and like always phone lines will be open!

Nate James (@NNJames)

You wanna talk Nasty? I don’t mean like rotten food or someone getting a finger cut off, or halitosis… I mean the type of Nasty that puts in the blood, sweat, and tears in the gym and walks into the cage ready to leave it all on the line! I am talking about the Nastiness that Nate James possesses. Well you can guess who the third guest is this week on FIST-ta-CUFF Radio.

We got Nate back in the barber shop ready to talk about his upcoming fight on the Strikeforce Challengers card where he will be taking on undefeated Derek Brunson. I can’t wait to talk to Nate about his win in his Strikeforce debut, taking on a man that is undefeated, how training and the daily life has been for him, and of course if life has changed at all since his Strikeforce debut.
Follow Nate on twitter at @NNJames

Shamar Bailey (@ShamarBailey)

Okay so after seeing the last three guests I am sure you are thinking, who could they end this stacked show with… What if we told you we are bringing back the man who had the inside look at TUF 13 for FISt-ta-CUFF Radio? Yeah that’s right we are bringing back the one, the only Shamar Bailey! We are stoked to talk to Shamar as he is a friend of the show, I mean how could he not be after having to put up with us for a whole season of TUF weekly…

Shamar will bring plenty to talk about to the show, including his upcoming fight. Not only is Shamar making the drop to 155 again for this fight, but he is taking on a very game opponent in Danny “Last Call” Castillo. We will talk to Shamar about the match-up, making the cut for the second time, his training, and much more. Shamar can be followed on twitter at @ShamarBailey

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