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Stephen Bass

Show 116’s first guest is a man that knows how to put up a fight, and every week sounds like he is training like crazy in case he gets the call… Stephen Bass is our correspondent from this years’ season of The Ultimate Fighter. Stephen is back at the shop ready to give you the inside scoop like no one else can. Tune into this weeks’ episode on SpikeTV then listen to the show for Stephen to break down what you saw and inform you of the things that didn’t make the production cut.

Stephen is already gone from the competition, so I am thinking any week the craziness can start. Don’t miss this weeks’ show as phone lines will be open all show and Stephen is ready to answer your questions about this last episode or about anything you want to ask from his career, current training, down to the craziness that occurred this year.


Jared Papazian

You know that a Jackhammer only does serious destruction, well I’m sure if you ask our next guest’s opponents they will tell you that he did plenty of destruction. Jared “The Jackhammer” Papazian is our next guest on the show and this is another fighter with an amazing story. Jared had his MMA spark happen after being jumped by 10 kids. That’s right I said ten kids. After this he started training and well it’s gotten him to where he is now.

He started fighting as an amateur at 18 and turned pro at 20. Jared is now the owner of a very nice belt, he is the 135 lb. champ of King of the Cage. So trust and believe we will have plenty to talk about from his upbringing, to his path to becoming a champ and where his ultimate goals will take him. I can’t wait to talk to the man who has showed he got his nickname from his violent hammer fists.

Alp Ozkilic

Third on the show this week is a man training out of St. Charles MMA/Vaghi. He’s a National Champ and member of Turkey’s national Greco Roman wrestling team, and a 2X JUCO All-American. Okay if you can’t guess by now let me give you a hint he is also undefeated in his MMA career as a pro and ammy. Okay it’s Alp “The Turkish Delight” Ozkilic.

Alp is set to fight in the coming week and we will be talking to him about the match-up, his wrestling background, Wrestling in MMA, his crossover to the sport and so much more. Alp is going to be looking for his fourth win of his pro career, but the question is with his background and record what’s next for the man? Tune in to find out.

Paul Bradley

Wouldn’t it be a nice change to end with a gentleman? Well you want it you got it and we have Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley wrapping up the last half hour of the show. Paul is stepping into the octagon to battle Mike Pierce on the UFC on FOX. Paul is a man that carries a record of 18-3 and 1 No contest.

We will talk to Paul about his journey through the sport, fighting at different weights, and what it feels like to be getting another UFC shot after UFC 133, what it was like to make his UFC debut, his time on The Ultimate Fighter in season 7, and so much more. If you don’t know Paul’s story don’t worry we got you covered as we dig into what has made a man with the nickname of “The Gentleman” choose to smash your face, just so he can shake your hand afterwards.

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