Steven Siler’s TUF 14 blog – episode 5

Hey everyone I’m back with episode 5’s blog. Now this week starts out after Dustin Pague‘s win and us going back to the locker room and Diego Brandao is freaking out yelling that he is is going to knock my head off and a bunch of stupid [expletive] because he knew we were supposed to be fighting next and he was pissed off already about his team being down 4-0.

But then Mayhem comes to the house and pulls me aside and let’s me know that they wanted to switch my match and let Dustin Neace fight next which I was happy with but I told him he was the coach and he makes the decision and it was my job to do what he says.

The fight picks were a few days later and you see Taz, Prince and T.J. took Neace’s new cowboy hat that he was extremely excited that he got from Mayhem, and what they didn’t show was Neace found the hat outside on the back porch with poop inside his hat.

Obviously he thought Akira Corassani was screwing with him again so he freaked out and grabbed all of Akira’s stuff, ruined it and put it inside of a garbage sack and also threw his gear all over Team Bisping’s locker room.

Fight pick
The fight pick was going to be Neace vs Akira the whole time but we were planning on tricking the other team by calling my name first, then have Neace step up and say he wanted to fight instead even before that craziness happened in the back. But since it did happen it made it look even more real to the point that my team believed I was still supposed to fight.

During the stare down between Akira and Neace, Akira got up in Neace’s face and head butted him which ticked Dustin off and as you saw the scuffle happened. Some of the people tried to break it up but Coach Parsons thought Bisping was being too rough with Neace which got him to yell at Bisping and Bisping then pushed Parsons which ticked off Mayhem and it was very dramatic as you saw, but still pretty funny.

The Fight
Neace vs. Akira was a very back and forth first round where both landed some strikes. But Akira got on top and controlled for a bit until Neace pulled off the ankle lock, which I still believe Akira tapped. That led to Neace letting up on the ankle lock and then Akira regretting the tap so he kept going.

But either way it was a close round that I thought should have went to Neace. The second round was Akira controlling the Octagon and eventually dropping Neace and winning the second round.

The score cards came and gave Akira a majority decision win. After the fight Akira being typical Akira showboated and acted as if he was shooting a machine gun at Neace which lead to some more drama and eventually got Akira threatened by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) to kick him off the show.

Next week as you see it is me vs. Diego and you finally get to see me fight again so make sure you tune in next week. I also want to give a thanks to for the gear they have supplied me with, and thanks to everyone who has been reading my blogs.

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