“I’m getting fired… HAPPY?”

By: Jeremy Luchau

It’s been one of those mornings… or one of those weeks.

I’m really not sure which at this point, but I can tell you I’m not in the best of moods.

Yesterday I come into work and “BOOM” I’m getting written up because I didn’t have all the consigned tickets reconciled on time. I guess someone has to take the fall when things aren’t done how they’re supposed to. Why not me?

I think you only get a few of those things before you get FIRED!!!!!!!!!!! Am I right?

I remember a few blogs back it was exactly what I was preaching for fighters and managers to do things right… well this show has been by far the absolute worst; from medicals not being done on time or turned in on time to fighters not turning in tickets and/or ticket money in on time and let’s not even start with all the changes to the fight card within this last week.

Speaking of changes, there’s been another one. Art Arciniega (personally one of my favorite fighters and an all-around great person) had to withdraw because of a knee injury and has been replaced by Antonio McKee product Musa Toliver.

But back to my rant; things are seriously going to have to change I think. Maybe we will have to fine some fighters or just not have them fight here any longer if they can’t do simple things like to turn paper work in on time, tickets, etc.

Maybe it’s time for some fresh faces and some new hungry managers that want to make sure that things are done correctly and not just brush us to the side as if it’s not important. Obviously it is important to someone (hence the write up).

See little do they know, we have a business to run too and in the Casino Business they’re pretty strict.

Currently I’m still waiting on three fighters to turn in tickets and four fighters to have their medicals cleared. All of which was due last week.

On top of that I get 40 text messages a day for people asking for free tickets and/or a comped room. Really if you’re a fan of what we are doing here how about you buy a ticket or a room. Just saying…

I’m getting another 15 calls from media that weren’t part of the media list, but that also didn’t turn in an application.

But there is some good news for the fans. I still think it’s going to be one of the best shows of the summer, Ian McCall and Darrell Montague are still throwing down, tickets are just $30, two big ticket giveaways Tuesday at noon and Wednesday at noon (See my facebook for details), and if you can’t make it to the show we are still streaming on Sherdog.com with Jordan Breen, TJ DeSantis and Phil Baroni.

Plus you can get $10 in Tachi Cash when you sign up and or have a Players Club card at the fights.

Plus, like always, we will have ring announcer Joe Martinez, one of the top up-and-coming DJ’s DJ MakJ and yes Wanderlei Silva will be in attendance with his protégé Jorge Lopez.

Continuing with the bright side of things, it will only be 95 degrees or so on Friday and not our normal 110.

Now I’m back to work.


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