Training this week has been kind of slow, since I got back home here in North Carolina. I knew I had to get that quality time with my son.

I managed to fill in a few days of Brazilian jiu jitsu, but nothing like out in California with my stand up coaches. Being from a area that has a lack of training partners is almost depressing.

My main focus while I’m here in North Carolina is to work on my strength and conditioning. I am not trying to put a lot of size back on, I am just trying to get some great workouts in at the gym to fire up my metabolism.

I say “fire up my metabolism” for the fact after slowing down with the training and spending time with my son, I have jumped back to being kind of heavy in weight.

I know that I can tackle this problem pretty easy. I jumped on the scale today at 156.6 pounds. To me thats pretty heavy to be fighting at 135, a weight I made about two weeks ago in my dry run cut.

But after my Brazilian jiu jitsu workout, cardio workout tonight in the gym and running, I hit the scale at 155. I am looking to wake up back at 153.

I am looking to try and go to the UFC in Pittsburgh this weekend with my son. This will be his first fight live, besides watching daddy fight back when he was nine days old.

After this next week, I am looking to head out to my father’s house in Oklahoma City. I am planning the trip now and looking to stop in at gyms along the way to train. The best part of training in Oklahoma City would be the wrestling; I always like to work the takedowns.

My next camp I am looking to drop in at Greg Jackson’s for the next month, with taking time to head out to Buena Park to work with my stand up coaches at All in MMA.

This next week should be pretty exciting. I have a fellow fighter Derek Brunson fighting in Seattle for Strikeforce Challengers series. I am excited for this fight; both Derek and his opponent are undefeated.

This weekend should be packed with fights. I am going to cross my fingers I can catch Dana White on a Tweet for some free tickets to the Pittsburgh UFC event.

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