I have to say this last month was a pretty busy month for my training, I was faced with doing a test cut to 135. This by far was the biggest weight cut that I have had to pull so far. I knew in order to stay competitive I would have to start making the cut.

I have had a lot of fights throughout my career with 19 pro MMA fights, compiling a record of 13-5-1, and the best part is I was working 40 hours a week, at night going to college full time, and raising my son.

My last month of training took me out to the West Coast of California, to a gym called All in MMA, with the instructor name Master Cha. I knew of this gym, because I came out to All in MMA to train before my Jason Woods fight live on HDNet.

I wanted to get more training on my hands due to the fact my last fight for the XFC title I lost due to the fact I did not throw my hands more.

Out at All in MMA I was doing three-a-day workouts. One of these workouts involved me doing cardio pad drills with Master Cha. We knew that I would not get this over night but the drills came natural to me and I started to pick up the combos pretty quick in training.

While at All in MMA, I can say it took me to a new level of confidence. I was shedding the weight and felt like my body was peaking while at the lighter weight class.

I can say the training and the diet provided by George Lockhart was amazing. This was the first time I woke up the morning of weigh-ins at 138 pounds.

I only had to sauna off about two pounds, knowing I would be able to spit out that extra pound or float off the pound from a nap.

After the test cut, I rehydrated and put almost 15 pounds back on my frame, feeling the strongest I have ever felt after a weight cut.

This time in California opened up my eyes to the fact I need to train more and train harder. I am in talks right now to get back to California but looking to stop along the way at my old training partner Brian Stann‘s new gym in Atlanta, Georgia.

I would not mind spending some time at Greg Jackson’s gym also. Let’s see what these next few weeks hold for Wildcard MMA.

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