The Ultimate Fighter: Team Lesnar vs. Team dos Santos episode five begins right where episode four left off. Charlie Rader had just lost to Ramsey Nijem and Coach Lesnar is in the dressing room giving his team a real ass-chewing. More “chicken [expletive]” comments ensue.

Len Bentley is upset Brock is calling them chicken crap, feels disrespected and walks out of the room. Len feels he shouldn’t be talked to that way because he says he left it all in the Octagon, although he lost a decision to Ryan McGillivray.

Brock says Len has a chip on his shoulder and wants someone to “wow him”. He says so far, only Chris Cope has “wowed him.”

I think the point Brock is trying to make here is he just wants the guys to lay it all on the line, win or lose, let it all go inside the cage. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and he wants the guys to make the most of it.

Next, Len is seen back at the house talking to Charlie about Brock’s talk. He insists he doesn’t like or need the negative energy.

Fight picks are next. Team dos Santos is in control and Junior picks Mick Bowman from his team to fight Clay Harvison from Team Lesnar.

Next, Coach Lew Polley from Team dos Santos is showing some of the guys punching techniques. Junior says Lew was brought in as a wrestling coach, that’s it. Instead, Junior says Lew is trying to teach striking, jiu-jitsu and everything. Junior is clearly unhappy with his fellow coach.

Junior gives Mick some one-on-one time. He feels Mick is good at stand-up and in BJJ. Mick gives his thoughts on the match-up with Clay and says he plans to smash him.

Clay says he likes to keep the fight standing and Coach Erik Paulson shows him a one-two  punch technique called “the launching pad”. Clay notices Chris Cope watching intently as Paulson is working with him and says he thinks he is a spy and could be telling other fighters what he is working on.

Chris Cope notices someone wrote in the sand that he is a “double agent”. Chris insists he is not a spy for the other team and confronts the team that night around the bonfire. He says he is a man of integrity and that’s not the way he operates.

Back in the house Chris tells teammate Tony Ferguson he knows he wrote “Chris Cope double agent” in the sand. This upsets Tony and he says he is an honest guy and they already told him none of them wrote it in the sand.  Tony is offended Chris is in effect calling him a liar and says on the street he would have kicked his ass.

We get an up-close look at Clay’s big tattoo on his torso and find out the ink had his brother’s ashes in it.

Come to find out Mick is the one who wrote “Chris Cope double agent” in the sand. He says it was just meant as a bit of fun but got a little out of hand.

Mick Bowman vs. Clay Harvison

Round 1 – Nice right from Clay, he backs Mick up with more shots. Mick with a leg kick, another one. Right hand from Clay and a leg kick. Clay with a one two and a leg kick. Mick shoots, but gets shrugged aside and ends up on his back. Clay stands over him dropping punches and kicking he legs then dives into his guard. Mick throws up an armbar but Clay pulls out and lets him up. Mick swings big and misses, lands a couple leg kicks. Clay with a body shot and a couple rights to the face. Mick shoots, stuffed, and Clay punishes with punches and pushes Mick into the cage. Clinched, Mick throws a knee but Clay punishes with a combo of punches, a one two. They move to the center and Clay lands another right, pushing Mick back against the cage. Knee from Clay, Mick reverses position, Clay reverses him. Clay backs out with some shots and Mick lands a couple leg kicks and a jab. Clay fires back with a right. More leg kicks from Mick and Clay gives one in return. Mick shoots but it is stuffed at the bell. Fairly close round, scores the round 10-9 for Clay. Lesnar seems happy.

Round 2 – Clay comes out strong with punches and kicks. Lands a right to the chin, they clinch, Clay pushes him to the cage and the coaches are shouting instructions. Ref calls for action. Mick reverses position and puts clay against the cage. He backs out. They exchange punches. Leg kick from both. Right hand from Clay and Mick gives three jabs that land. Leg kick from Mick and Clay trips a bit. Leg kick from Clay, again. Mick with a leg kick. Clay backs him up with punches. Nice leg kick from Mick and Clay gives him one back  then checks a leg kick from Mick. Nice right on the chin from Clay. Leg kicks from both. Nice right from Clay, Mick shoots, stuffed. Clay puts him against the cage. Thirty seconds to go. Clinched and Clay lands a big right elbow at the bell. Brock tells Clay “great performance.” scores the round 10-9 for Clay and the fight 20-18 for Clay.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Clay Harvison def. Mick Bowman by decision (no scores given)

Dana said, “Mick didn’t look like he was gassed to me but he sure didn’t pour it on.” Brock was very happy with the win and said that Clay “wowed him”.

Junior consoles Mick who is crying and takes the loss extremely hard. Junior tells him he is a warrior and to keep his head up and stay focused. “We are Team dos Santos,” Junior says.

Clay said the win was emotional, and it was for his dad and brother who are no longer with him. Come to find out, during the fight Clay suffered a compound fracture in one of his fingers. Yes, the bone is actually coming through the skin in his pinky finger on his left hand.

This will likely take him out of the competition. Not cool, and that will be a tough break for Team Lesnar.

Preview scenes from next week’s episode show another one of Team Lesnar’s guys getting injured and Coach Lew and Coach Junior butt heads even more. Also, the wild card announcement is made.

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