The last time fans saw Jerome Le Banner compete in the kickboxing ring, he ended up walking out in disgust before the fight was even over. Now, the K-1 veteran is set to return against Stefan Leko. The ISKA heavyweight title bout takes place June 11 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Liverkick released news of the fight on Tuesday.

The two fighters previously faced off at K-1 Survival in 2001. Le Banner picked up a unanimous-decision victory.

In 2010, Le Banner went 2-1 with a win over Tyrone Spong. However, he ended his year with a fight against Kyotaro in the K-1 World Grand Prix Final 16. After the judges voted for an extension round, he walked out of the ring and lost the bout by forfeit. On New Year’s Eve he dropped an MMA fight to Olympic gold medalist Satoshi Ishii.

Leko began 2010 with three-straight victories, but then finished the year with back-to-back losses. His overall record currently stands at 66-24-1.

By Richard Anderson Mann

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4 thoughts on “Jerome Le Banner-Stefan Leko set for June 11”
  1. LeBanner should win this. He’s got too much size and power for Leko. Plus it looks like he’s got a little more left in the tank as far as competing at a high level is concerned.

    I don’t agree with what LeBanner did with Kyotaro, but I think it showcased a terrible part of K1!, the scoring aspect. The judges vote to keep fights going on way too much in the sport. If the system wants 4 or 5 rounds just implement them, but if someone wins the fight after 3 rounds he should get the W. Not have to go back to fighting just because it was somewhat close. I just rewatched the Zambidis vs. Chahid fight (which everyone should do every couple months), and for that fight to go to an extension round is just insane. I feel the same way about Ghita vs. Saki, and that fight ended up having the wrong guy win.

  2. Haha I remember that. Good point about the 10-10 rounds. It’s like there is no middle ground or enough education to actually call 10-10 rounds correctly. K1 seems to go by the concept: If it was close at all just score it 10-10.

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