ring girl spotlight: Russian bombshell, Julia Ymanova

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In this edition of Ring Girl Spotlight, ( would like to introduce you to Julia Ymanova, a Russian bombshell and fitness model who loves MMA and works as a ring card girl for Howard Davis Jr.‘s Fight Time Promotions in Florida.

Julia is currently a contestant in HDNet and Girls Gone Wild’s “Hottest Girl in America 2” contest. So check her out, let us and her know what you think by leaving your comments, and more importantly, vote for her by rating her a “10” on her “Hottest Girl in America” profile page.

Hi Julia, thanks for talking with us. How old are you and where are you from?

I am 23 years old. I was born and raised in Kazan, Russia. But now I live in Florida.

What brought you from Russia to the U.S. and how long have you lived here?

Everybody says that the US is the country of opportunities.So I figured why not to try, we live only once. I’ve been here almost three years already.

How did you get involved in modeling and what are some of the other jobs you have had besides modeling?

I started modeling back in Russia. I was 17-years-old. My friend was working for a modeling agency as a photographer, so she told me to give it a try. And I started working whenever I got a chance. I worked only part time though because I was a full time student. So,I got my BA, left Russia, came to the US and stayed. As far as the other jobs, in Russia I used to be a promoter of the rock concerts. We were organizing rock concerts and DJ parties. I came to the US by myself, all my friends and family are in Russia. I did not start modeling in the first weeks being here and I had to support myself. So, I’ve worked on many jobs (waitress, bartender, shot girl, I was working even as a legal assistant at the law office). But now I work as a full time model and recently I got into acting, another passion of mine. I work a lot in the fitness and MMA industry.

Which MMA promotions have you worked with and how do you like being a ring girl compared to some of the other things you have done?

I love being a ring girl! I love MMA! I practiced Martial Arts back in Russia. First of all I get to watch these fights closely. I love it. I just like to feel this energy that the audience brings during the fight. Also like every girl, I love the attention from the crowd. During the fight I like to socialize, communicate with people you know, I have a lot of fun. I work a lot with MMA Candy. Last fight I worked at was Fight Time 3, two weeks ago. I am an official “Fight Time” girl with Fight Time Promotions. Recently I got casted as a ring girl for 6 World Championship Heavyweight Boxing bouts.These fights will be featured on ESPN and Showtime.

Okay, now to a few more personal questions. What do you like in a man (or woman)?

Good look, discipline, intellect and personality

Have you ever dated an MMA fighter or boxer?


What are your turn-ons?




What is the worst line a guy ever tried to use on you?

Hey I am a fan of yours. Can I buy your underwear?

What inspires you?

The stories of successful people.

You are a contestant in HDNet and Girls Gone Wild’s Hottest Girl in America Contest… Can you tell the readers why they should vote for you.

That’s my first Internet contest ever. So I figured why not to try. I really don’t like to brag, but I think my look speaks for itself. I am well educated, intelligent, I have an extraordinary personality and I am very confident.

Thanks Julia, best of luck in the contest. Do you have any final words?

Thank you. I would love to have more votes. Here is the link to my profile Check out my website as well


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