M-1 Global will kick off the opening round of their M-1 Selection 2011 – Asia tournament on March 26 at Event Hall in the Fashion Center Building in Seoul, South Korea.

The event will feature Japanese and Korean fighters ready to make their mark in the M-1 Selection tournament series.

The M-1 Selection tournament is separated into four global regions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Each region hosts three rounds and an M-1 Selection tournament final. The winning fighter in each weight class is awarded the opportunity to fight on the larger international stage in the M-1 Challenge events.

The line-up for M-1 Selection 2011 – Asia round 1 is as follows:


  • Kim JangYong ( Korea) vs. Henrique Maromba (Japan) Lightweight
  • Lee Dong Young (Korea) vs. Toshiya Kurenai (Japan) Welterweight
  • Kim Hee Seung (Korea) vs. Eduardo Sakamoto (Japan) Middleweight
  • Han Hae Young (Korea) vs. Junpei Hamada (Japan) Light Heavyweight
  • Son Hai Suk (Korea) vs. Gilberto Monma (Japan) Heavyweight
  • Kwak Myung Sik (Korea) vs. Yuichiro Ono (Japan) Lightweight
  • Ahn Seung ho (Korea) vs. Fabio Sakamoto (Japan) Welterweight
  • Kim Nam Young (Korea) vs. Shiokawa Franca Tiago (Japan) Middleweight
  • Kim doo Hwan (Korea) vs. Lucas Tani (Japan) Light Heavyweight
  • Yu young woo (Korea) vs. Masanori Iwamoto (Japan) Heavyweight


  • Jo Dongil (Korea) vs. Tin taeho (Korea) Lightweight
  • Kim deamyeong (Korea) vs. Gwon iljin (Korea) Lightweight
  • Son sejoong (Korea) vs. Jang ji hoon (Korea) Welterweight

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