If you didn’t catch the second part of the “UFC Primetime: Lesnar vs. Velasquez” series this past Wednesday on Spike TV, we got ya covered (don’t we always). The camera crews once again travel to Minnesota’s Death Clutch camp where the UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar prepares to defend his title against American Kickboxing Academy’s Cain Velasquez. We also get a look into the AKA training camp of Velasquez.

Lesnar training partner Pat Barry, as well as coaches Marty Morgan and Erik Paulson, talk about the immense progression Lesnar has made. Velasquez’s coach, Dave Camarillo makes an interesting comment that could give us an idea of their approach to this fight. He said if you meet the bull head on you get the horns, but if you move around him, you tame the bull. It will be interesting to see how Velasquez deals with Lesnar’s size and strength, and we will find out on Oct. 23 at UFC 121.

If you missed part one of the “UFC Primetime: Lesnar vs. Velasquez” series, check that out here: “UFC Primetime: Lesnar vs. Velasquez” part one.

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