Professional MMA fighters Randy Couture, Gilbert Melendez, Frank Trigg, Jay Hieron, Daniel Roberts, Erin Toughill, and Gray Maynard give their predictions on the UFC 116 main event title fight between heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar and interim heavyweight champ Shane Carwin.

All in all, the general consensus seems to be that this fight is going to be determined by Lesnar’s athleticism and wrestling being pitted against Carwin’s boxing and knockout power.

However, there are some X-factors in this fight as well, such as: How will Carwin perform if it goes past the first round? How will Lesnar perform after the long layoff? Will Lesnar be better or worse after recovering from his illness? How will Lesnar switching to southpaw affect things?

Now you have heard the pros predictions, shared our predictions with you yesterday, now it is your turn? Who will win the UFC 116 main event Lesnar and Carwin and why?

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