Tuesday morning, Jan. 26, 2010, MMAJunkie Radio made the announcement about the death of our great friend and Pro MMA Now (www.prommanow.com) co-worker, “Fast” Eddie Constantine. The above video, is the complete MMA Junkie Radio episode from that day.

The episode starts off with the announcement about Eddie, and shortly thereafter, Matt De La Rosa calls in to talk on air about what happened. The founding members of Pro MMA Now (www.prommanow.com), including Eddie, all met in the forum and chat room of TAGG Radio (now MMAJunkie Radio), so it was very fitting for those guys to pay tribute to Eddie in this way.

Beginning at 1:47:30, at the end of the episode, you will hear host Gorgeous George say a few more words about Eddie, they display a photo of him on the screen, and then they play a song producer Goze stayed up late the night before putting together that is filled with sound bytes from Eddie. Some of the sound bytes come from his co-hosting duties on The INFO radio show, others from all the interviews he did on location at various MMA events, and some are from him calling into TAGG/MMAJunkie Radio.

This was an awesome tribute from our great dear friends at MMAJunkie Radio. Gorgeous George, Goze, and John Morgan, did an excellent job in honoring our friend that meant so much to this website and to all who knew him. Thanks to MMAJunkie Radio and all of you who have expressed your support. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Enjoy listening to this song and remembering “Fast” Eddie Constantine.

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