A chat with “The KO Kid from OK” Sarah Maloy

Now who in their right mind would want to knock out Sarah Maloy?
Now who in their right mind would want to knock out Sarah Maloy?

Projekt Label fighter Sarah Maloy spoke with resident ProMMA.info honeys the CageDivas this past week. She described her first MMA training days including strapping cushions to her ironing board and doing Muay Thai drills. She credits her strong athletic and dance background with her performance in the cage.

Sarah turned to her husband for support in the early days of her fighting career. She said,

“He told me, OK. You’ve got to pull weight and get knocked out and if you can do that, you can [fight], and to this day he’s the only one who’s knocked me out.”

She also admitted that she threw her husband’s toothbrush in the toilet as payback for being knocked out.

Sarah also discussed training and fighting within three months of having her third child. “I had to pull thirty-five pounds in forty-five days.” No small feat by any standards. She also went on to talk about having her tubes tied and jumping back in the cage in a few short days.

How does Sarah balance having a fight career, a job as a personal trainer, and a family?

“I have a complete respect for the sport… I’m just determined. [Being a personal trainer] makes it really easy to get in the gym. I have a private facility that’s about 10 feet from my front door. I put on boot camp, so that’s when I get my cardio; I do a kickboxing aerobics class and an ab-blasting class two days a week for my clients so there’s some of my workout. I get a lot of my cardio with my clients so that’s how I get a lot of my workout out of the way. My trainer comes to me and my jiu-jitsu guy comes to us as well. My oldest uses my wrestling mats for her gymnastics and we just kind of live it all as a family… You make your mind up that you can do it and it’s surprisingly easy.”

Sarah finally received her fighting name after months of pressuring her husband and her trainers. She was told that she had to earn it and before her most recent fight she was dubbed “the KO Kid from OK;” a very fitting title, indeed.

While Sarah doesn’t have any concrete details on her next fight, she’s hoping to become 3-0 and then go for a title shot. The Cage Divas are very excited to see all the great things that are on the horizon for the “KO Kid from OK.”

By:  Laura McKinney

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  1. I’ve known sarah since we were bestfriends in 5th grade. We played softball and she was dedicated then…..i love her and believe she will conquer this sport

  2. I have watched the Aruba fights & if you listen to the commentators they say that Columbo said she did NOT tap out. So I just wonder if this win was a real win. Guess we will see if Maloy can hold her own in a 3rd fight. With a 0-1 amateur & 1-0 possible error in Pro, she better be prepared to take the heat next time.

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