“HDNet Fights Presents: FieLDS K-1 World GP 2009 Final 16” took place at the Olympic Gymnasium Arena in Seoul, South Korea on Saturday, Sept. 26. The event aired live in the U.S. on HDNet and PROMMA.INFO stayed up very late to bring you the results as 16 of the world’s top strikers gathered to see who would advance to the final eight.

Quick Results:

  • Remy Bonjasky def. Melvin Manhoef by unanimous decision
  • Errol Zimmerman def. Glaube Feitosa by majority decision
  • Ruslan Karaev def. Kyotaro by unanimous decision
  • Ewerton Teixeira def. Singh Jaideep by unanimous decision
  • Semmy Schilt def. Daniel Ghita by unanimous decision
  • Jerome Le Banner def. Musashi by unanimous decision
  • Alistair Overeem def. Peter Aerts by unanimous decision
  • Badr Hari def. Zabit Samedov by knockout (liver shot) Rd 1

Fight Notes and Commentary:

Remy Bonjasky was just too tall and powerful for Melvin Manhoef. Manhoef showed great heart as he hung in there and landed some good shots including a spinning heel  kick to the head. In the end however, Bonjasky’s atttack was too much as he out-pointed Manhoef.

Errol Zimmerman and Glaube Feitosa’s fight was very close. One judge gave it a draw. The commentators thought the fight would either go into extra rounds or Feitosa would get the edge. Neither happened, and Zimmerman advances.

“The Voice” just said, “The ladies love Ruslan Karaev. He could cure lesbianism. Someone get Lindsay Lohan on the phone.”

Ruslan Karaev put on a great fight against Kyotaro. The action was fast paced. Unfortunately, Karaev spent a lot of the time chasing Kyotaro. A huge spinning back fist from Karaev was probably the best strike of the fight.

Ewerton Teixeira and Singh Jaideep waited until about the last minute of the fight to really turn on the heat. One judge ruled for Jaideep and two judges ruled it a draw, therefore the fight went into an extra round. The referee give the fighters a warning to pick up the action in the extra round.

The extra round was anti-climactic. – It goes into a second extra round. The crowd is booing. The last round was very close too. The commentator Mike Hogan said they should both be disqualified. Tiexeira did not look very happy with his win.

Schilt was Fedor’s first fight in Pride. This guy is so damn tall at six-foot-eleven. Great first round. Schilt is dictating the pace of the fight and is picking Ghita apart. Ghita did one nice shot in round one that knocked Semmy’s head back.

Schilt dropped Ghita with a jab halfway through round three and drops him again within five seconds of getting back up. One more knock down and it’s over. Wow, Ghita toughed it out and stood in there although he was getting smashed.

The Voice said Schilt had the personality of a garden gnome.  Hahaha.

Jerome Le Banner and his corner men walked to the ring wearing “PokerStars.com” shirts. Le Banner dropped Musashi with forty seconds left in the fight. Musashi stands up and is screaming. He’s tough as hell. Musashi is fighting his heart out.  Awesome fight. Awesome.

Musashi said  before the fight if he lost he would retire. He stays in the ring after the fight, eyes swollen, very emotional, and it looks like farewell to the Japanese fighter.

They are calling the Aerts vs. Overeem fight “K-1 vs. MMA.”

Alistair drops Aerts with the first punch of the fight. If it’s possible, Overeem looks even bigger. Huge right hand rattles Aerts. Alistair has thrown Aerts to the ground multiple times.

Overeem lands a huge left hand at the end of round one. Alistair tossed Aerts to the mat once again like a rag. Second round very close. When Alistair lands a punch it sounds like a bass drum.

Badr Hari is smashing Samedov. Hari is so fast – he landed a liver shot and Samedov can not get up. The only knockout of the night is the last fight of the night. Badr Hari capped off the night with a perfect ending! One single body shot is all it took.

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