The XFC is back in action tonight with “XFC 9: Evolution”, taking place in Tampa, Florida and broadcasting live on HDNet. It has been nearly a year since the XFC has been back on their home turf after taking the promotion on the road to Knoxville, Tenn. for “XFC 8: Regional Conflict.”

PRO MMA ( will be providing play by play coverage of the event, which is headlined by the controversial fighter “War Machine” (9-2) as he faces off with Bellator veteran Mikey Gomez (9-7).

Also on the card is exciting up and coming fighter Chris Barnett (1-0) as he looks to improve his record to 2-0 against Daniel Perez (3-0).

Quick Results:

  • Sean Bartlett defeats Jesse Benton by submission (rear naked choke) in Round 1
  • Rey Trujillo defeats Shah Bobonis by split decision
  • Gerardo Julio Gallegos defeats Hayder Hassan by TKO (strikes) in Round 1
  • Chris Barnett defeats Daniel Perez by TKO (strikes) in Round 2
  • Nate Jolly over Frank Santore by Unanimous Decision
  • Julien Williams defeats Jeremy Thurlow by submission (guillotine) in Round 3
  • Bruce Connors over Tim Snyder by TKO (strikes) in Round 1
  • Pablo Alfonso defeats Jason Goodall for the XFC Bantamweight Title by submission (triangle) in Round 4
  • War Machine over Mikey Gomez by TKO (strikes) in Round 3

Daniel Perez (3-0) vs. Chris Barnett (1-0) (Heavyweight)
Round 1– Barnett with a low kick to start. Perez with a jab and Barnett slips. Barnett with a spinning heel kick, then Perez clips Barnett with a nice right hand. To the clinch and Perez lands two nice knees to the body of Barnett. Barnett gets a double leg take down against the cage, but Perez is right back up to his feet.
Perez goes for the kimura with his back against the cage as Barnett is working to get the fight back to the ground. Barnett still working to get Perez to the mat, but Perez is using the cage to defend the take down.
They seperate and Perez throws a straight right, that Barnett counters. Perez lands a punch, clinches then delivers another knee. Back to the clinch with Barnett pressing Perez against the cage again. Perez lands a knee just before his back is pressed against the cage.
Barnett steps back again and fakes a spinning back kick, then Perez shoots for a take down, but is stuffed by Barnett. Barnett stands and gives up his back, and Perez turns him and lands another knee.
Perez is landing shots now and stuns Barnett with a right hand, but Barnett fires back immediately, and it’s toe to toe with both big guys throwing bombs.
They separate again and Barnett lands a nice leg kick with about 15 seconds to go in round 1. Good first round. PRO MMA ( scores round 1 for Perez 10-9.
Round 2– Another spinning kick from Barnett to start. Perez looking to establish his jab. Barnett kicks and Perez grabs his leg and throws a big punch.
Barnett steps in and lands a huge overhand right hand that drops Perez. Barnett follows him to the ground and establishes full mount and is looking to finish. He delivers some punishment before the ref steps in to stop the fight.
Chris Barnett defeats Daniel Perez by TKO in Round 2.

Nate Jolly (3-1) vs. Frank Santore (4-0) – Lightweight Bout
Round 1 – Jolly with a quick jab to start, and Santore counters with a combo of his own. Jolly with a leg kick, and follows up with a right hand. Double jab for jolly as he is working the jab early. Overhand right misses from Jolly. Santore looks tentative to start.
Santore with a leg kick, and Jolly steps in and lands with a jab and a quick right hand, before closing the gap and picking up Santore.
Jolly walks across the cage with Santore above his head and slams him on the mat landing in side control. Short elbows from Jolly in side mount. Santore trying to use the cage to improve his position and does, as Jolly is now standing over him before throwing a punch and landing back in Santore’s full guard.
Santore looks comfortable on his back and is keeping pretty good wrist and hand control on Jolly preventing too much damage. Jolly stands in his guard but isn’t landing much from the top position. Triangle attempt from Santore but Jolly postures out. Jolly now in half guard and landing right elbows to the head of Santore.
Jolly backs off with 10 seconds to go, and they face off as the bell sounds. PRO MMA ( scores Round 1 for Nate Jolly 10-9
Round 2 – Leg kick for Santore to start the second. Santore more aggressive in the second with a nice jab and right hand. Not much action until Santore shoots for a single but ends up with Jolly on top of him again.
Jolly back to side mount and is isolating Santore’s left arm. Jolly with a knee to the body, as he presses Santore against the cage. They scramble and end up in the north/south position. Santore shoots and earns a take down and is now on top for the first time in the fight.
Santore works Jolly’s body over to the cage, but Jolly is doing a good job of controlling Santore’s posture. Short left elbows from Santore, but he gives Jolly too much space, and they are back on their feet.
Right hand from Santore clips Jolly, he tries to follow with a shoot but gets stuffed. Santore still working on a single, but Jolly is controlling the action. Santore pulls guard and Jolly is in side control again at the end of Round 2. PRO MMA ( scores Round 2 for Nate Jolly 10-9.
Round 3 – Tentative start for the third and final round. Leg kick from Santore as Jolly shoots and knocks Santore down. Jolly in half guard now, with Santore looking to sweep. Good top control from Jolly but not much in the way of any strikes.
Santore replaced guard nicely and is controlling the hands of Jolly from his back. Santore goes for a triangle again but Jolly powers through, passing Santore’s guard in the process. Santore rolls for an armbar, but Jolly defends nicely and is back in side control.
Santore replaces guard again, jumps the shoulder and nearly gets the triangle this time. Jolly escapes and is riding out the third en route to a victory it seems. 45 seconds to go and not much action, which illicits boos from the crowd. Jolly lands two big right hands with 10 seconds to go and is in clear control of the fight as the bell sounds. PRO MMA ( scores the final round for Jolly 10-9, and 30-27 overall in favor of Nate Jolly.
Official decision: Nate Jolly defeats Frank Santore via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Jeremy Thurlow (1-0) vs. Julien Williams (0-0) Pro Debut – Welterweight Bout
Round 1 – Both fighters miss early. Thurlow goes up high, but Williams blocks the kick. Both fighters exchange kicks before Williams lands a nice right and then gets double unders.
Both fighters in the clinch and looking to take the fight to the ground. Either is able to, and Williams employs some dirty boxing with a nice clean elbow. Not much action in the clinch until Williams disengages and throws a five punch combo that forces Thurlow to close the gap and clinch again.
The separate and Thurlow looks for the jab. Williams counters with wild looping punches that mostly miss, and we are back in the clinch again. Thurlow goes for a flying knee as Williams is backing up.
Two big knees from Thurlow and he gets the trip take down but gets reversed. Williams ends up on top with 20 seconds to go. Thurlow locks his hands, but a scramble ensues, and Williams gets up and lands a solid right hand at the bell. PRO MMA ( scores Round 1 for Julien Williams 10-9.
Round 2 – Thurlow with a kick to the head, and Williams blocks it coming forward with a winging four punch combo. Thurlow comes forward and clinches, but Williams gets the double under hooks. They disengage, and both fighters miss with punches. Push kick from Thurlow, followed by a kick to the body.
Williams with a kick then three punch combo, before pushing Thurlow against the cage. Williams lands a nice knee from the clinch. Big elbow from Williams and he is pouring it on. He just misses with the uppercut, and is back to the clinch working a few knees in.
Not much action, and the ref steps in to separate the fighters. Within seconds they are back to the clinch against the cage again. Foot stomps from Thurlow but not much else action with 1:15 to go in the round.
Thurlow lands a nice knee to the body, and Williams returns the favor with a knee of his own. Both fighters exchange knees again, and Thurlow gets a take down at the end of the round, but it isn’t enough to steal the round. PRO MMA ( scores Round 2 for Williams 10-9.
Round 3 – Overhand right from Williams misses badly and we are back to the clinch game. Williams uses an over hook to get the takedown and is now in side control. Williams mounts and locks in a guillotine and Thurlow is in trouble. Within seconds, Thurlow taps, and the fight is over.
Julian Williams defeats Jeremy Thurlow by submission (guillotine) in Round 3.

Tim Snyder (9-3) vs. Bruce Connors (6-1) – Featherweight Bout
Round 1 – Snyder lands a stiff jab to start. Connors fakes a punch and shoots for a take down but is stuffed. Snyder with a nice low kick. Connors with a jab, and a nice snapping kick to the body. Connors fakes the right again, and shoots but is way outside when he changed levels, and is stuffed again.
Connors stays with the single leg, and as Snyder defends and steps back, Connors throws and lands a flush left hook that drops Snyder. Connors pounces but Snyder is out as he drops a few more punches before the ref steps in and calls the bout.
Bruce Connors defeats Tim Snyder by TKO (strikes) in Round 1.

Pablo Alfonso (3-1) vs. Jason Goodall (5-0) – Bantamweight Championship bout
Round 1 – Alfonso fakes the left and shoots immediately but is stuffed. Alfonso still working for the take down against the cage and works Goodall to the mat. Alfonso temporarily in side control, but Goodall looks good off of his back.
Alfonso now in Goodall’s full guard, and Goodall is controlling Alfonso’s hands and posture, taking literally no damage. Not much work as the crowd begins to boo. Goodall working a very high guard and is completely controlling Alfonso from the bottom.
Goodall staying with the rubber guard, and transitions to the omoplata, and uses it to escape to his feet.
Alfonso comes across the top with an overhand left hand with 1:35 to go in the opening round. Goodall goes high with the kick, then goes to the body with a kick.
Alfonso shoots again and gets the take down, with Goodall immediately going back to the rubber guard again. Alfonso is doing nothing from the top position with Goodall controlling his posture and is taking no damage. PRO MMA ( scores Round 1 for Pablo Alfonso 10-9.
Round 2 – Alfonso back with the wild looping left hand, as Goodall counters but misses. Goodall with a straight right hand. 1-2 combo from Goodall. He is now scoring with his jab, but is taken down again by Alfonso.
Alfonso in the half guard of Goodall. Alfonso looking to pass, but Goodall has him in the lockdown position, then retains full guard.
Alfonso works and passes to side mount. Alfonso gets the crucifix and scores with some right hands, before Goodall controls his posture again and frees his arm.
Left elbows from Alfonso now from side control. Goodall climbs the back of Alfonso and locks in a reverse triangle on Alfonso. Goodall now dropping elbows to the back of Alfonso. Alfonso is in trouble, but is surviving.
More elbows to the lower back of Alfonso, and Goodall extends his hips to try for the finish, but the bell rings. Very close round in Round 2. PRO MMA ( scores Round 2 for Jason Goodall 10-9.
Round 3 – Winging left hand from Alfonso misses. He misses again with the left. Alfonso goes upstairs with the kick but it’s a glancing blow. Goodall with a lead right hand that lands.
Alfonso shoots but is caught with a right hand as he comes in and he drops to the canvas but is back to his feet quickly. Alfonso lands with the straight left, and Goodall counters with a right hand down the pipe.
Goodall fakes his jab, and misses with the right hand. Goodall with a kick to the body that lands flush. Alfonso with a kick to the body, then to the leg of Goodall.
Alfonso working for the take down, and Goodall goes for the guillotine on the way down. Alfonso in side control and looks up at the clock with 54 seconds to go. Goodall rolling again, but Alfonso recognizes the danger and puts him on his back as time expires on Round 3. PRO MMA ( scores Round 3 for Pablo Alfonso 10-9.
Round 4 – Spinning back kick from Goodall misses. Alfonso to the body with the kick but Goodall counters with a nice right hand. Alfonso shoots again, and with Goodall against the cage he pulls guard. Alfonso back in side control again.
Alfonso transitions to full mount, and he is using his hips to flattens out Goodall. Alfonso briefly postures up for some punches before working to an even higher mount position. Alfonso goes for the triangle, and rolls to his back to finish.
Alfonso has the triangle locked in, pulls the head down, and Goodall taps.
Pablo Alfonso wins the XFC Bantamweight Championship over Jason Goodall by submission in Round 4.

Main Event

War Machine (9-2) vs. Mikey Gomez (9-7) – 174 lb. main event bout
Round 1 – Leg kick from War Machine to start. Mikey Gomez working the double jab early. War Maching counters with a nice left hand. Both fighters landing. War Machine goes to the body, and comes across the top with nice flush right hand. War Machine lands a leg kick, then a right hand.
Gomez changes levels and shoots for the take down, but is stuffed, and War Machine ends up on top. War Machine in Gomez’s full guard now. War Machine stands and throws a right hand that lands. War Machine working the body of Gomez with his left hand.
Gomez goes for the arm bar, but War Machine postures out and stands over the guard of Gomez. Back to the feet and War Machine lands another big right hand. Gomez works for the take down and get War Machine to the mat briefly.
War Machine uses the cage to get back to his feet quickly. Gomez still working for the take down, and transitions to War Machine’s back. Gomez gets one hook in while still on his feet. Gomez jumps to get his second hook in and gets reversed as War Machine turns into him and ends up in his full guard.
War Machine working the body of Gomez from the top. Gomez with the up kick as War Machine steps away. Gomez shoots for the take down again and is once again on War Machine’s back with 20 seconds to go. War Machine rolls and goes for the kimura at the bell. PRO MMA ( scores Round 1 for War Machine 10-9.
Round 2 – Gomez with the leg kick to start, and War Machine counters with a right hand to the body. War Machine steps in and lands a two punch combo, and a left hook to the face of Gomez.
War Machine changes levels and shoots getting the double leg take down against the cage. War Machine looking to pass, but Gomez defends nicely. The ref stands them up, and Gomez shoots in immediately and gets War Machine to the ground.
War Machine uses the cage again to get up but gives up his back once again. Gomez steps to the side and lands a knee, but War Machine creates space reverses, and earns a double leg take down of his own.
War Machine back on top and landing punches. War Machine working the right side of the body of Gomez with his left hand. War Machine lands a flush left hand to the face of Gomez.
War Machine works Gomez to the fence and works the body, then switches to the left to the head. The second round ends with War Machine on top, transitioning to a toe hold as the bell sounds. PRO MMA ( scores Round 2 for War Machine 10-9.
Round 3 – Inside leg kick from War Machine to start, and Gomez counters with a solid kick to the body. Left hook from War Machine just misses. War Machine throws another left hook that connects, and Gomez steps back like he was poked in the eye. War Machine goes for the finish, but the referee steps in and calls it.
War Machine defeats Mikey Gomez via TKO (referee stoppage) in Round 3.