While western MMA fans wait for the WEC to implement the 125-pound division, Japanese sanctioning body Shooto is preparing to crown their first ever 115-pound champion.

This weekend at Shooto’s “Gig Saitama 01” Noburo “Shinpei” Tahara defeated Jesse Taitano in a catch weight fight. The fight was designed to find an opponent for Rambaa Somdet. Now it appears as if the Tohara vs. Somdet fight will be for the 115-pound title.

The two previously fought in September of last year, with Somdet taking home a unanimous decision victory. Since then Somdet had fought only once. He defeated Ulysses Gomez in a 125-pound fight in the PFC, but was forced out of a subsequent title fight by injury. Shinpei Tahara has gone 2-0-1 since their first encounter.

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