As reported previously, “King Mo” Muhammed Lawal will be getting in the cage with the toughest mustache in the game, the Siamese twin of Tom Sellick who was surgically separated at birth, Don Frye.

The two will meet in the main event at “M-1 Global Presents Breakthrough” at the Los Angeles Convention Center on Aug. 28, 2009.

PRO MMA ( talked with King Mo about what it means to him to be able to fight someone with Frye’s experience and legendary status. “I think it’s good,” said Mo. “He is a recognizable name. He was a pioneer for wrestlers in MMA.”

Wrestling was a big part of Mo’s life for many years. At one point in time the Oklahoma State alum was ranked number one in the world for two straight years.

At 4-0 as a professional in MMA, Mo has been fighting less than a year. Having to face someone like Don Frye could understandably be intimidating to most people in Lawal’s position; but not Mo. “The only person that intimidates me is Nike Rouseau. That’s my Mama,” said Lawal.

Don Frye is known for having some of the greatest wars in MMA history, such as his legendary bout with Yoshihiro Takiyama at PRIDE 21. We asked Mo how he thought the fight would play out. “I can’t predict how this fight will go but I do predict a victory and an exciting fight,” said Lawal.

The other danger is that a young fast-rising MMA star could underestimate someone like the 43-year-old Frye. However, that would be a mistake. Don Frye has remained active all these years and is still winning fights. Mo realizes this, “I never overlook anyone. I could be fightin’ a corpse and you know I’ma train hard for that fight. I am takin’ Frye very serious as an opponent.”

King Mo sees Frye as the most dangerous type of opponent. “Don’s strong point is his heart. Those are the most dangerous ones cause in order to beat those types, you gotta put em out,” said Lawal.

On a separate note we had to ask King Mo about the recent videos that surfaced that showed he and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson arguing. We asked him what was going on. “Rampage thought he could just talk down to me so I spoke up. I’m not gonna let anyone say that they are betta than me,” stated Lawal.

In the videos Rampage basically says that King Mo would stand no chance against him in the cage. We asked Mo his honest assessment of Rampage as a fighter and as a person. “I think Rampage is a good fighter and can be funny sometimes,” said Lawal.

Although Mo is comparatively new to MMA, he does not seem intimidated by Rampage in the least, and said he would love to get in the cage with Jackson as soon as possible.

In the videos Rampage apparently did not like the fact Mo had referred to him as “Bum Page.” It is true when Rampage used to fight in Japan he was billed as a homeless man. We asked Mo if that is where he came up with the nickname “Bum Page.” Lawal just laughed and said, “Great question…I really don’t know. I just said it!!”

Maybe MMA fans will get to see these two Tennessee natives go at it one day. If they did, who do you think would take it?

By:  Jack Bratcher

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