Joe Riggs defeated “The New York Badass” Phil Baroni in a throw-down that ended in a unanimous decision on June 6 at Strikeforce’s “Lawler vs. Shields” event in St. Louis. In the headliner of the same card, Jake Shields defeated Robbie Lawler rather easily and quickly in the opening minutes of round one with a guillotine choke.

In the “Lawler vs. Shields”¬†post-fight press conference, in which Riggs was absent, Shields was asked how he felt about a potential match-up with Riggs. Shields responded candidly, saying Riggs did not even belong in the same cage as him. Shields is also quoted as saying in a recent interview, “Joe Riggs is of no concern to me, he’s not even worth my time. I’m not even giving him the time of day.”

Joe Riggs was a guest on this week’s episode of Pro MMA Radio with host Larry Pepe and was asked his thoughts about Shields’ comments. Riggs said, “F*ck him, I tried to be respectful to him, but f*ck him. If he’s gonna go 85, then I’ll go 85. I’ll fight him for free. I just don’t like him. He’s a f*ck*ng nerd… Robbie stuck his head in the wrong place and got choked. I think Robbie would kick his ass 99 times out of 100. But he won, hat’s off to him, he’s tough, but… yeah, f*ck him. He wants to talk sh*t like that.”

Riggs goes on to talk about such topics as squashing the beef he used to have with Matt Hughes, not wanting to fight Nick Diaz unless it is for a title, and crapping his pants when he got into a fight with Diaz in a hospital. Riggs also discusses the now legendary story of how he was supposed to fight Kimbo Slice in a street fight for $50,000.

To hear the interview with Joe Riggs, plus a recap of UFC 99 and more, listen to episode 51 of Pro MMA Radio with host Larry Pepe. Pro MMA Radio airs every Monday evening at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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