“WEC 41: Faber vs. Brown 2” live results and play-by-play

WEC 41: FABER vs. BROWN 2 takes place Sunday night June 7, 2009 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. The World Extreme Cagefighting Featherweight Title is on the line once again as the champion, Mike Brown, gives number one contender Urijah Faber one more shot at the gold.

Also on the card is the return of “Lil’ Evil” Jens Pulver as he tries to prove he is still relevant among MMA’s elite competition. Other notable names on the card include “Cowboy” Donald Cerrone, Cub Swanson, Manny Gamburyan, and Antonio Banuelos. As always, PRO MMA (promma.info) will be providing live round-by-round updates and results.

WEC 41 quick results:
(FW TITLE) Mike Brown def. Urijah Faber by unanimous decision
(FW) Jose Aldo def. Cub Swanson by flying knee knockout rd1
(LW) Donald Cerrone def. James Krause by rear naked choke rd1
(FW) Josh Grispi def. Jens Pulver by guillotine choke rd1
(FW) Manny Gamburyan def. John Franchi by unanimous decision
(BW) Rafael Rebello def. Kyle Dietz by rear naked choke rd1
(LW) Anthony Pettis def. Mike Campbell by triangle choke rd1
(BW) Antonio Banuelos def. Scott Jorgensen by split decision
(BW) Frank Gomez def. Noah Thomas by arm triangle rd2
(BW) Rolando Perez def. Seth Dikum by triangle choke rd1

Jens Pulver vs. Josh Grispi
rd1 – Jens throws a high kick that is blocked and then gets rocked by Grispi with a punch. Jens shoots in but Grispi locks in a guillotine, locking his legs around Jens’ waist. It looks as though Jens may slip out but he’s too dry and is forced to tap out. Josh Grispi defeats Jens Pulver by guillotine choke in round 1 (0:33).

Jens said in the post fight in-ring interview, “I don’t want to be the type of guy who keeps saying he’s retiring but I think I just ended where I started.” After the announcer talked to him a bit he backed off the statement a little.

James Krause vs. Donald Cerrone
rd1 – Low kick by Krause. There’s a scramble on the ground but they both get back up. Take down by Krause. Cowboy goes for a triangle but Krause escapes, they get up and Krause gets a takedown. Cowboy locks in an omoplata controlling Krause’s shoulder. Cowboy reverses and gets on top of Krause. Cowboy is in Krause’s guard. Crause looks for a heel hook but Cowboy escapes. High kick by Krause. Krause looks very good. Inside leg kick followed by a punch from Cowboy. Leg kick by Krause and then shoots. Krause has a single leg. Cerrone grabs a standing guillotine and then an some sort of head lock and lands a big knee to Krause’s head. Cerrone then drops Krause with a stiff right hand and takes Krause’s back. Krause got rocked. Krause is covering up and Cowboy is riding him, locks in a rear naked choke and Krause taps. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone defeats James Krause by rear naked choke submission in round 1 (4:38).

Antonio Banuelos vs. Scott Jorgensen
rd1 – Banuelos lands a big right that stuns Jorgensen. They clinch and Banuelos gets the takedown. Jorgensen stnads up and they are still clinched. Jorgensen releases and throws an elbow. Banuelos clinches again and throws a big left hand. They measure up and Banuelos lands an inside leg kick followed by a combination of punches. Left hand by Jorgensen followed by a combo of punches from Banuelos. They clinch against the cage with Banuelos pressing. Head kick by Jorgensen. Banuelos moving side to side and delivers a number of punches and kicks. They clinch against the cage and both guys are firing shots as the bell sounds. Very active round for both fighters. Have to give the round to Banuelos 10-9.
rd2 – Inside leg kick from Banuelos. Banuelos with nice footwork and lands a great combo. Jorgensen land a good shot. They clinch, Banuelos drops his head where Jorgensen attempts a guillotine but Banuelos easily escapes before he can lock it in. Stiff left from Jorgensen. Right hand followed by an uppercut from Jorgensen. Overhand right from Banuelos connects. Banuelos is holding his hands low which allows him to get hit more than he should. They clinch, Jorgensen lands a knee to the mid-section. Combo punches from Jorgensen. Very fast-paced fight. Jorgensen pressing with punches. Left hook from Jorgensen followed by punches in bunches. Leg kick from Banuelos. Jorgensen is stalking and lands a whole bunch of punches. Banuelos fires back with a nice body kick and a punch. These guys are firing away at each other as the bell sounds. Fight of the night so far. Great fight. Gotta give that round to Jorgensen 10-9.
rd3 – Jorgensen attempts a guillotine but Banuelos escapes. They trade punches and kicks. Jorgensen is firing shots and connecting. Banuelos shoots but it is stuffed. Big knee from Jorgensen stuns Banuelos. Banuelos looks to have slowed a bit but it is still an amazingly fast paced fight. Jorgensen takes Banuelos’ back. Jorgensen attacking from the back and gets on top now, he attempts a choke but Banuelos spins out. Banuelos attempts an up kick but misses. Jorgensen definitely won that round 10-9. Antonio Banuelos defeats Scott Jorgensen by split decision (29-28 Banuelos, 29-28 Jorgensen, 29-28 Banuelos)

Chuck Liddell and trainer John Hackleman celebrate in the ring with Banuelos as his name is announced as the winner. Pit Fighter, Antonio Banuelos is starting to look much older these days due to him sporting a new Liddell-type mustache.

Cub Swanson vs. Jose Aldo
rd1 – Big flying knee from Jose Also catches Cub Swanson right in the face as Swanson ducks. It was very very hard and Swanson is done with one shot just eight seconds into the fight. In-freaking-sane! In-freaking-sane! Swanson is not out cold but he can not continue. He rises up after the fight and is cut under his eye as the doctor checks it. Jose Aldo defeats Cub Swanson by knockout in round 1 (0:08).

Both Mike Brown and Urijah Faber have said Jose Aldo is the most dangerous man in the featherweight division according to the announcer.

Rolando Perez vs. Seth Dikum
rd1 – Dikum lands a combo of punches. Inside leg kick from Dikum. He tries it agains and Perez catches his leg and kicks his other leg out from under him but lets him back up. Dikum jumps into a beautiful flying triangle and catches Perez tight, pulling him to the ground. Perez fights it off for over a minute. Dikum lands multiple elbows to his head in the meantime. Finally Perez taps out. Seth Dikum defeats Rolando Perez by triangle choke submission in round 1 (2:30).

Anthony Pettis vs. Mike Campbell
Right from the start Pettis jumps into a guillotine but Campbell escapes and Pettis transitions into an armbar. Campbell gets out and stands up and throws a big punch down. Pettis locks in a triangle very tight. Kenny Florian says it’s all over and sure enough, Campbell taps. Very fast-paced bout. Anthony Pettis defeats Mike Campbell by triangle choke submission in round 1 (1:49).

rd1 – They touch gloves. Urijah throws two kicks that miss. High kick from Faber is blocked. The climch and Brown puts him against the cage. Elbow by Brown. The crowd is nuts. Right hand by Faber connects. Faber connects with a couple. Brown gets hit with a left hand. Brown comes in swinging. Faber grabs a guillotine but Brown is out and takes Faber’s back. Brown has a cut. Knee to the head by Brown and again right to the chin of Faber. Back elbow from Faber. Faber gets turned around and delivers some knees of his own. Big over hand right by Brown. It’s a war. Brown’s eye is swollen. Big right hand by Faber stuns him. Urijah tries something and falls to the mat. Brown jumps on him and tries a choke but Faber flips out. Brown gets on top and is looking for a guillotine. Faber gets out and the bell sounds. This has “Fight of the Year” potential already. I don’t even know how to score that round. It was VERY close and could go either way.
rd2 – Faber throws a front kick that misses. And another that is blocked. Head kick by Brown is blocked. Brown lands a combo. Faber lands a kick and goes for another head kick. Brown lands a big left. Faber goes down and Brown has side control. Faber is letting Brown get control which is a mistake. Brown has Faber’s back. Knees to the leg from Brown. Big punches by Brown from the back. Brown gets a takedown and Faber has a guillotine but Brown escapes. Brown gets up and they are clinched against the cage. Big left hand by Faber connects. Front kick connects from Faber. Knee from Faber. Left hand by Brown. Left hand by Brown. Faber’s hands are down. Right hand by Brown. Brown gets the takedown but Faber gets up and Brown lands a big uppercut. Faber’s hands are down, the bell sounds. Another VERY close round.
rd3 – It’s a WAR. Brown comes in and Faber slips out of the way. Body shot by Faber. Leg kick from Faber followed by a flying knee. Elbow by Faber but Brown grabs a guillotine. Faber gets out. Brown takes Faber’s back and starts landing punches under the arm to the chin. Faber is up with his hands down again. Big knee by Faber connects to Brown’s chin and again. Left punch by Faber. Front kick by Faber. Brown looking for that knockout punch. Brown goes for the takedown but Faber sprawls. Brown grabs a heel hook but no dice. Faber’s right hand appears injured or broken. Body kick by Faber but Brown lands a big right hand. Left hand from Faber. Brown connects with a big punch. Both of Faber’s hands could be injured. They are clinched against the cage and Urijah is resting a bit. Brown gets this round in my opinion 10-9. Faber has a broken hand he told his corner between rounds.
rd4 – Brown connects with a left punch. Faber is relying on lots of kicks. Brown grabs half a plum and lands multiple uppercuts. Big left hook from Brown – Commercial just popped out of nowhere and interrupted this round – Left elbow from Brown. Uppercut by Brown. Body kick from Faber. Uppercut from Brown. Elbows by Faber. Big body shot by Brown stuns Faber. Faber looks extremely sloppy and only throwing elbows, no punches at all. Faber looks tired and sloppy. Knee by Faber. Clinched. Brown gets that round 10-9.
rd5 –Body kick by Faber. Faber grabs the plum and lands a knee. Left hook from Faber. Body kick by Faber. Brown gets the takedown. Faber wanted to get a guillotine but can’t grab his hands together. Left hook from Brown. Faber moves in with his head down and Brown connect with a punch. Faber tries for a guillotine but Brown picks him up and dumps him on his head. Faber gives up his back and Brown lands some punches. Faber’s hands are down to his side. and Brown makes him pay. Takedown by Brown and Faber gives up his back again. Faber raises up as Brown hits him with knees. Faber sinks in a choke but can’t hold it. Knee to the head by FAber. Less than a minute left. Brown puts him down again. Faber gets up. Faber delivers a spinning elbow that hits Brown. Bell sounds signaling the end of the fight. Urijah looks disappointed. The greatness of this fight was affected by Faber breaking his hand(s). It really hurt his game tremendously and probably cost him the fight not to mention made the fight less than what it could have been. It could have been legendary, but ended up being damn good. Mike Brown defeats Urijah Faber by unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47 for Mike Brown).

Mike Brown is very emotional after the fight as he talks about ATT being his family. Faber said he would like another shot at the title but I don’t see that happening for some time. Mike Brown agreed that a title defense against Jose Aldo would be great.

By: Jack Bratcher