This week’s show begins at the training center with coach Dan Henderson taking his guys through a session of training, and Jason Pierce talking about his lingering and new injuries, explaining why he hasn’t yet fought.

“It’s one thing after another, being here this season… I don’t know, I busted my foot open the first fight, I haven’t been able to train the way that I want, and now I’m getting staph in my foot.”

After Pierce’s thoughts on the effects of staph infections and his wishes that he NOT fight a U.K. fighter with reduced training, Bisping and his troops are in the training center for a workout.

David Faulkner from team U.K. educates us Americans that a mouthpiece is a “gumshield”, and explains that his gag reflex causes him to repeatedly lose his gumshield during training and in fights. Bisping tries to help his fighter overcome this issue, but Faulkner is concerned about the issue calling it a “black cloud over his head.”

Coach Henderson and his team hit the field for some “Ultimate Frisbee.” More Jason Pierce, talking about how weak he feels, as his team gets their cardio on. Pierce doesn’t seem too eager to fight at all while on the show, and some of his teammates try to explain to him that nobody fights at 100%.

Back at the house and the negative energy is abound, with Pierce’s gloomy comments about everything from training to food.

It’s fight announcement time, with Dan Henderson picking Jason Dent to face off with UK fighter Jeff Lawson. Henderson explains that Dent was really his only choice for a fight with Pierce sporting his “bum leg.”

Dent explains to the audience his thoughts on living in the house, and Henderson talks about Dent’s tactical strengths, but also counters that Dent likes to stay in his comfort zone, and doesn’t like to address and improve his weaknesses, calling him “tough to coach.”

Catching a glimpse of what team U.K. deems to be amusing activities includes the occasional nudity, and some S&M looking attire, and comes off a bit eerie, but morale is definitely high with team U.K.

Lawson makes it clear that he plans to win by arm bar, just like he has in many of his fights saying, “I’m going to come at him with four or five punches, straight at him, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang. Then he’s going to make a mistake, and I’ll throw him really, really hard… then I’ll fall into an armbar.”

Dent explains that he is nervous, and that “if you don’t get nervous, you’re lying.” As the fighters leave the house, Lawson looks like he has no doubts as to the outcome of the fight.

The camera continues to focus on Pierce as both fighters get taped up for their bout. Dana makes an appearance, and lets us know that the doctor has pretty much cleared Pierce to fight, so he wants to get his take on where Pierce stands. Pierce explains that he could fight, but that bad things could happen if he does. Dana sums it up best: “There is no [expletive] way this kid wants to fight.”

It’s fight time as both fighters enter the Octagon. The bell sounds and Lawson misses with a kick upstairs after a tentative start. The fighters briefly clinch, but the separate. Lawson scores with a leg kick, and Dent counters with one of his own.

Lawson closes the distance and goes for a throw, and both fighters end up on the ground. Lawson goes for a leg, then quickly transitions to pass Dent’s guard. Dent manages to retain guard, with Lawson standing and throwing some shots from inside the guard.

Dent’s corner calls for him to get active and get top position. Lawson picks Dent up and slams him, but is back in full guard again. Dent is starting to land some elbows to the top of Lawson’s head from the bottom, and is controlling Lawson’s posture pretty well.

Lawson eventually works to mount with about a minute to go in the round. Dent briefly looks like he will give up his back, and then works to get half guard, then retains full guard. 20 seconds to go with Lawson on top, and in full guard, with Dent staying pretty active with punches from his back. End of Round 1.

Round 2 begins, and Dent comes out for a touch of the gloves with Lawson. Dent scores with a leg kick, and Lawson shoots from way out for the take down, but gets stuffed.

Lawson shoots again and is stuffed again by Dent. Dent goes for the guillotine, and Lawson pulls guard, but Dent wants none of the ground game with Lawson.

Lawson looks to be gassing and pulls guard to try to get the fight to the ground, going for an ankle in the process. Dent kicks off and stands, just missing with a big punch.

Lawson throws a big knee, then shoots but is stuffed once again. Dent looks for the anaconda choke, locks it in, and rolls, forcing the tap from Lawson. Dent advances for team U.S., but fails to impress Dana White who called the performance, “far, far, far, from impressive.”

Back to the Jason Pierce saga, with Dana telling Pierce that he is NOT going to let Pierce fight based on Pierce’s demeanor and comments during the show. I guess we will have to look elsewhere for gloom and doom in the upcoming episodes…

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