MFC 21: HARD KNOCKS – live results

Maximum Fighting Championship’s biggest card ever “MFC 21: Hard Knocks” goes down tonight at the River Cree Hotel and Casino in Alberta, Canada. Headlining the card is an MFC Light Heavyweight Title fight between Trevor Prangley and Emanuel Newton. Also on the card is a co-main event heavyweight “Super Fight” that the MMA world has their eyes on with former WWE star Bobby Lashley taking on Mike Cook. Stay tuned right here at PRO MMA ( as we bring you the live round-by-round results.

Quick Results:
William Richey def. Ryan Fortin by split decision
Jason Heit def. Jeremy Combrink by TKO rd1 4:17
Dwayne Lewis def. Jay Whitford by TKO rd1 :29
George Belanger def. Nolan Clark by TKO rd1 4:25
Main Card (televised on HDNet):
Marvin Eastman def. Aron Loftong by TKO (Gn’P) rd2 :59
Ryan Jimmo def. Mychal Clark by unanimous decision
John Alessio def. Andrew Buckland by sub. (RNC) rd1 2:53
Travis Galbraith def. David Heath by split decision
Bobby Lashley def. Mike Cook by sub. (guillotine) rd1 :24
Trevor Prangley def. Emanuel Newton by unan. decision

(LHW) Aron Lofton vs. Marvin Eastman
rd1 – Eastman shoots in and eats a knee to the groin. Timeout is called as Marvin lays down on the mat to rest. Lofton went for a guillotine and a kimura but unsuccessful. Lofton did get a takedown but Eastman eventually got back to his feet. They were clinched and exchanged quite a few knees and Eastman got a big slam on Lofton at the end of the round. Lofton 10-9.
rd2 – Eastman gets a takedown early and lands some ground and pound. He continues to land elbows that cut Lofton, more and more elbows land on Lofton as they are up under the ropes. Big John McCarthy is forced to stop the bout as Lofton is almost completely KO’d. Marvin Eastman defeats Aron Lofton by TKO (ground and pound elbows) in round 2.

(LHW) Mychal Clark vs. Ryan Jimmo
rd1 – Jimmo takes down Clark and gets side control. Clark finally gets up and takes Jimmo down and is in his guard. Jimmo reverses with a half butterfly guard and gets full mount. Jimmo lands some good elbows from the full mount until the bell sounds. 10-9 Jimmo.
rd2 – Jimmo gets a take down and lands in half guard. Jimmo lands elbows and punches. Clark gets up. Jimmo goes for a guillotine, misses, but still maintains control. Clark gets up and attempts a guillotine himself but ends up with Jimmo on top. Jimm with ground and pound but Clark is defending well. 10-9 Jimmo.
rd3 – They throw a few shots then clinch up. Jimmo gets the take down once again and starts landing ground and pound. Jimmo controls Clark good. Clark finally makes his way to his feet and clinch where Clark throws multiple knees to the body. Jimmo throws him back to the canvas. Jimmo lands multiple elbows from side control. Clark looks for a kimura and a knee bar but no dice. Jimmo controlled the action and pace in every round, should get the unanimous decision with no problem. 10-9 Jimmo. Ryan Jimmo defeats Mychal Clark by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3).

Jason “The Athlete” MacDonald will be returning to the MFC middleweight division (most likely in September) after being let go by the UFC. “The Athlete” says he is looking forward to getting a couple of wins under his belt then he’s looking to get a shot at the MFC Middleweight Title.

(WW) Andrew Buckland vs. John Alessio
John Alessio desperately needs a win after losing his last two fights.
rd1 – Buckland starts out landing multiple leg kicks connecting nicely. They clinch up and Alessio connects with a big punch out of the clinch that stuns Buckland. Alessio moves in and they go to the mat with Alessio in side control. Alessio transitions to full mount and starts landing some good ground and pound. Buckland bucks but has no luck, he gives up his back, Alessio sinks in a rear naked choke and Buckland taps almost immediately, improving Alessio’s record to 29-13-1. John Alessio defeats Andrew Buckland by rear naked choke submission in round 1.

(LHW) Travis Galbraith vs. David Heath
rd1 – Round one was a kickboxing match as both guys traded punches and kicks. Galbraith landed a couple of good high kicks and David Heath landed a great body kick followed by a couple of good punches as the bell sounded. 10-9 Heath.
rd2 – It was a very close round with both fighters landing some good shots. Heath takes a groin shot about two minutes in. Galbraith had some good punches land and a good low kick. Heath also landed some good punches. Galbraith 10-9.
rd3 – Body kick by Heath and then a leg kick. Galbraith shoots in but Heath stuffs it. They clinch and Galbraith lands a knee to the groin. They clinch. Head kick by Galbraith. Clinch. Heath catches Galbraith’s kick and Galbraith throws a spinning back-fist that almost connects. Heath gets a finger in the eye. Hard body kick by Galbraith, then a high kick, then a front kick. Heath is stalking as the 10 seconds mark sounds. Very close round and fight. Galbraith 10-9. I would give it two rounds to one Galbraith. (29-28 Galbraith, 29-28 Heath, 29-28 Galbraith) Exactly how I scored it. Travis Galbraith defeats David Heath by split decision (29-28,29-28,28-29).

(HW) Bobby Lashley vs. Mike Cook
rd1 – The fighters start circling each other, Lashley springs forward, throws and connect with a punch, then grabs hold of Cook’s neck guillotine style and pulls him to the mat. Cook’s legs are stretched out flat behind him and Lashley is stretched the other way in a north / south position. Lashley locks on the guillotine and Cook’s body starts twitching violently. He is out cold just 24 seconds into the bout and Referee John McCarthy is forced to pull Lashley off the unconcious Mike Cook. Bobby Lashley defeats Mike Cook by guillotine choke submission in round 1. Prior to this fight Lashley had said he wants to win this fight by submission so he could have one (T)KO, one decision, and one submission.

In the post-fight interview Lashley was asked if he thought Mike Cook was disrespecting him by wearing a Lucha Libre mask to the fight. Lashley said yes, “Now he can go back and put on the mask and have fun with himself.” It was a VERY impressive performance by Lashley who is showing well-rounded skills.

MFC LHW Championship – (champ) Emanuel Newton vs. Trevor Prangley
Trevor Prangley at 36-years-old is twelve years the elder of Emanuel Newton.
rd1 – They trade kicks. Newton gets a take down but Prangley bounces back up. They clinch. Overhand right by Newton connects. Leg kick by Newton. Left hand by Prangley, followed by a body kick. Prangley gets a take down but Newton gets back uup. Newton goes for a slam but Prangley fights it off. clinch. Newton gets the takedown and once again Prangley gets right up. Newton can’t keep him down. Overhand right by Newton. Body kick by Prangley.
rd2 – Big leg kick by Prangley. Big body kick by Prangley. Takedown by Newton. Prangley eats some shots on the way up. Clinch. Prangley gets a trip takedown and Prangley lands some ground and pound but Newton gets right up. Head kick by Newton. Prangley has his hands on his hips as the bell sounds.
rd3 – Prangley looking tired but connects with a big right hand. Prangley is cut below his eye. Newton loses a point for a low blow to the groin with no warning. The replay didn’t even look like a low blow. Newton lands a head kick. Elbow from Newton out of the clinch. Leg kick by Prangley. Leg kick followed by a punch to the body by Prangley. Nice exchange from both guys. Newton lands a nice left to the jaw. Prangley looks like he got a second wind.
rd4 – Nice exchange and body kick by Newton. Over hand right from Newton, nice left hand by Prangley. Prangley then lands a huge leg kick and then another. Big knee to the body by Prangley.
rd5 – Big leg kick from Prangley. Newton has nice combos and lands a few quick jabs. Two big leg kicks by Prangley and a right hand from Newton. Uppercut connects and then a flurry of fists from Prangley. Time is called when Prangley lands a low blow. Newton shoots and gets stuffed. Leg kick from Prangley and then a nice left hand. Newton has slowed down. Prangley with a left hook. Ten seconds left. Prangley drops to the mat as he throws a desperation high kick at the buzzer, it connects against Newton’s head and Newton drops to the canvas also. Newton was rocked but not out. Definitely sealed the round for Prangley. Trevor Prangley defeats Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision (49-46,49-46,49-46) for the MFC LHW Championship.

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