As the episode starts viewers are treated to seeing Team US fighter Richie Whitson’s herpes-like sore on his lip as he talks to his housemates about it and they spray disinfectant around the house to prevent the spread of the funk. He assures viewers it is not herpes.

Team UK worked out with sledgehammers, swinging them over head and hitting tires. One of the guys miss the tire completely and puts a hole in the expensive mat. Another fighter misses the tire and hits the concrete floor. David Faulkner apparently hit his leg with the sledgehammer and now the injury has become infected.

Coach Dan Henderson said he doesn’t know what’s going on with Jason Pierce. Team US assistant coach Cyrille Diabate said Pierce has a negative attitude, then gives a speech to the team letting the guys know just like their bodies, their attitudes need training too. Pierce’s teammates also complain about his negativity.

It’s the “Coaches Challenge” episode and Dana White’s favorite part of each season. The winning coach gets $10,000 and the winning team gets $1,500 each. This season’s game is…TENNIS!! It’s not pretty but they do it. Finally, Dan Henderson smokes Bisping 6 games to 2.

It’s time for the fight announcement and Coach Bisping picks his lightweight fighter and former bricklayer Ross Pearson (9-3) to fight Team US lightweight Richie Whitson (4-0).

Richie Whitson’s face funk has cleared up prior to the fight. Whitson trains with Team Quest in Temecula, California which is Coach Henderson’s home gym. Whitson celebrates his birthday and the guys present him with a cake.

The scene cuts to one of the US fighters with a mohawk crying and saying he’s sick of everything, he’s drunk and bitching about random shit like not having a good relationship with his parents.

Thankfully, it’s time for the fight.

(LW) Ross Pearson vs. Richie Whitson
rd1 – Richie throws the first strike with a leg kick that misses. They clinch up against the fence, exchanging knees. They separate and exchange high kicks that miss. Ross gets the take down but Richie gets up quickly. Ross connects with a combination of punches and then a knee to the chin. Richie goes for a guillotine and gets slammed. As Richie starts to get up he eats a knee. Ross gets a point taken away for kneeing a downed opponent. Three minutes left. They exchange punches. Richie misses a high kick that goes over Ross’s head. Ross gets the take down and Richie eats a knee on the way up. Richie throws a big elbow from the clinch but misses. They exchange knees and Richie lands a good punch to Ross’s chin. Ross slams him hard and immediately takes his back. Richie tries to go out the back door but Ross catches his arm and slaps on the armbar causing Richi to quickly tap out. Ross Pearson defeats Richie Whitson by armbar submission in round 1.

In the preview for next week there is some question whether or not Jason Pierce will be able to fight. There are only two welterweights left to fight: Jason Pierce from Team US and David Faulkner from Team UK.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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  1. Thanks for the recap. I hit up the comedy club tonight and missed it. This season hasn’t really been overwhelmingly interesting yet. Except maybe that whiny guy on team usa.

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