Joe Soto vs. Wilson Reis

All fighters have weighed in for “Bellator VI” which will take place in Robstown, Texas on Friday May 8th and air nationally on ESPN Deportes Saturday May 9th.

All fighters weighing in for the featherweight semi-finals made weight successfully except Estevan Payan who weighed in at two-and-a-half pounds over the 146-pound featherweight limit. In non-tournament bouts Hector Munoz weighed in at a whopping eight-and-a-half pounds over the 156-pound lightweight limit. Both Payan and Munoz were penalized for their overage.

The winners of the featherweight semi-finals will receive $50,000 and advance to the finals for a chance to win $100,000 and the Bellator Featherweight Championship. Here are the complete weigh in results:

Estevan Payan vs. Yahir Reyes
Estevan Payan vs. Yahir Reyes

Featherweight Tournament:
Joe Soto (145.5) vs. Wilson Reis (145.5)
Estevan Payan* (148.5) vs. Yahir Reyes (145.5)
*Payan was penalized for the overage.


Diego Garijo (154.5) vs. Hector Munoz** (164.5)
Luis Palomino (146.5) vs. Nick Gonzalez (146)
Roberto Vargas (145) vs. Daniel Pineda (146)
Dustin Phillips (145.5) vs. Jose Santibanez (146)
Chris Spicer (186.5) vs. Bubba McDaniels (183.5)
Ira Boyd (162) vs. Hector Urbina (174)
**Munoz was penalized for the overage.

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